Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reward Coupons & Brag Tags: Behavior Management Made Effortless, Engaging, & Fun!

Uh-oh, where did the summer go? It’s August ALREADY, and among the other gazillion things on your teacher to-do list, you may be thinking about which behavior management system you’d like to try with your class this year. Well, I can guarantee, that if you try the Rewards Coupon system, you’ll be blown away by the response from your kiddos. In teacher circles, there’s been so much talk lately about Brag Tags and Reward Coupons that I think it’s the perfect time, right before school starts back, to learn more so that you can transform your class this year! Once I implemented these two (nearly-automated) behavior management systems, I’ve never looked back, and NEVER had the need to try anything else!

Reward Coupons for Classroom Management

First, it’s essential to note that Brag Tags and Reward Coupons are very different and are used for different purposes. My last post discussed all the amazing reasons why Brag Tags are such an awesome behavior management system. The Brag Tags post gives you all the WHYs of using it, and more importantly, it gives you a shopping list with links and set-up guide, so take a look at why you should be using Brag Tags in case you haven’t checked them out before!

The Rewards Coupon system is based on the use of these amazing little behavior motivators called Warm Fuzzies. Nobody really knows why the little nuggets are obsessed with them, and will WORK HARD to earn them, but they will, you’ll see! I have gobs of behavior expectations that are tied to the giving (and taking away!) of Warm Fuzzies. You can decide what classroom behaviors and rules that you want to tie the Warm Fuzzies to, but a list to help you get started is here.  For my Rewards Coupon system, Warm Fuzzies serve as the daily (& tangible) classroom currency that’s a reminder to kids of how the Rewards Coupons will be earned. The Rewards Coupons are chosen (shopped for!), by the little nuggets ahead of time, so they know what they’re working toward, and so they know just how many Warm Fuzzies it will take to earn them! And boy do they keep track! It’s amazing how easily the Warm Fuzzies and Rewards Coupons will keep a student’s behavior on the right track toward their goals! HINT: Having a prominently displayed tri-fold board (see below) set up, of the Reward Coupons and a ‘price list’ how many Warm Fuzzies that each Reward Coupon costs, is also a great motivator for positive behavior! 

Reward Coupons

Reward Coupons

Reward Coupons and warm fuzzies

In addition to the sheer joy that the students feel when they earn a Warm Fuzzy, some of the reasons why Reward Coupons, (both the first set and the second set), are so transformational for your class are: 

ü    Students get to ‘shop’ for rewards based on their preferences, who doesn’t love shopping for themselves?!
ü    Reward coupons motivate students to improve their behavior themselves, (& not by constant teacher reminders!)
ü    Variety! So many FUN rewards to choose from, all of which are immensely appealing to kids!
ü    Everyone has a chance to earn a reward, not just the ‘chronically well-behaved’
ü    Universal appeal for boys & girls!
ü    Provides a tangible reward, (not just a verbal “good job!”)
If you teach older students or are in need of more of an "economy system, I am offering these brand new "classroom bucks" to supplement this system! 
Reward Coupons and classroom bucks

The display board of reward coupons provides a visual reminder for kids to make the best behavior choices. The kids can also have the ability to flip through the reward coupon catalog and make their shopping list. 

Reward Coupon Display Board

Reward Coupons

So, if your classroom management has been a caterpillar, and you’re looking for a butterfly, it’s SO WORTH taking the time NOW to set up an amazing new (and POSITIVE!) behavior system that’s based on positive reinforcement while preventing behavior problems from starting. It really is a miracle worker…if you still need more instructions and details check out this helpful e-book that I wrote just for you! Thousands of teachers have been using this system for years! This system perfectly fits with PBIS & Classroom DOJO

Reward Coupons for Classroom Management
 I also have several classroom management Periscopes that I uploaded on my YouTube channel. Check them out HERE! 

Reward Coupon Bundle (COUPONS ONLY)