Saturday, July 16, 2016

Back to School Decor Ideas

I collaborated with Lakeshore Learning, the ultimate teacher store, on a back to school decor project. Of course, I could NOT pass this up! Several years ago, I started getting into bright neon and chalkboard and the Chevron & Dots Starter Pack they sent me is the motivation I needed! Without further ado, I'm hoping you will find some inspiration here!

The original inspiration for this bulletin board idea came from my sweet friend, Jodi from Fun in First. 

I call this "Restroom Review" because that is just what it is. This is in our hallway right outside our first grade bathrooms. I believe in utilizing every educational opportunity while I have my students and that includes in the hallway. 

Restroom Review Hallway Bulletin Board
The posters and math vocab were made by me but are not finished.

This hallway display is changed every Monday morning based on what unit we are on in Journey's. I also change the math vocabulary based on what lesson/topic we are on that week. I take the time in the hallway, while my "Hallway Monitor" is jotting down talking or behavior issues, I am reviewing our skills of the week with the students that are either waiting to use the restroom or the ones that are finished. I usually focus on one skill per day (2x/day restroom breaks). I never knew how valuable this would end up being. 
It's visually appealing and completely interactive with our entire grade level! Win-Win! 

Restroom Review Hallway Bulletin Board

I used the three different dot borders on this display. It really makes it pop and makes it very unique. Anytime we get visitors at school, they always comment on this board. 
When you layer border be sure to work slow and use just a few staples or even push pins to mark your first layer. Slowly add your second layer with limited staples and/or pins and then your third layer. After you have all of the borders placed perfectly, then add all of the staples you need to keep that baby up for the year. 

Restroom Review Hallway Bulletin Board

In case you were wondering, I used Astrobrights lined paper as a background for the black circle bulletin board letters by Teacher Created Resources

On the sides, I also used two different borders to match the rest of the board. Both can be purchased at Lakeshore Learning and are made by Teacher Created Resources. 

Restroom Review Hallway Bulletin Board

First Grade Burlap Pencil Bulletin Board
This board is several years old but I needed a trim update. I also used the chalkboard brights trim by Teacher Created Resources for this as well. I decided to mix up the dot trim on each side of the bulletin board to match the burlap letters. 

I get asked all.the.time for a tutorial for these letters and I didn't even to think to take pictures. I provided a TON of different digital versions of the word "Write" in my Ultimate Writing Station Bundle for those that were interested. 

Materials used: 
Neon Acrylic Paint 
Black Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Sharpie Marker

I basically had a vision and it went from there. I cut a piece of cardboard into a pencil shape & used that for my pattern. Burlap is not the easiest to cut so make sure you have super sharp scissors. 
I used a sharpie to sketch the jagged pencil edges & then painted it hand. 
Next, I painted the burlap with the colors I wanted. I believe it was only one coat for each. 
I printed out a font I wanted and outlined it with a sharpie & then painted the inside with black acrylic paint. 
Fold the top over twine and use adhesive spray to hold the fold & you are done
This was one of the cheapest projects I have ever created!  

I hope you are inspired and got some new decor ideas! 



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