Saturday, May 28, 2016

Staff Award Ceremony

End of the Year Staff Awards Ceremony

After going all out decorating last year for our student award ceremony....I thought duh....let's keep this party going & give out awards to the staff too! 

We intended on doing this during Teacher Appreciation Week but decided to wait until the end of the year. We get spoiled enough by our HSA (Home School Association) so we decided to surprise our staff with another dreaded "staff meeting". Behind the scenes a chosen member from each grade level chose the best fitting awards for their colleagues. Our principal chose our awards & I chose all the awards in between. We chose the perfect awards for each staff member! We NEVER laughed so hard at a staff meeting....EVER! 

I have been working on these all year long. Any teacher I encountered, I would think of an award I would give them & write it down. I'm so happy our staff had such a memorable time together! Just when we were all feeling burned out & unappreciated...BAM!

End of the Year Staff Awards Ceremony
This is the wittiest teacher I have ever met in my life! She strutted her stuff down the red carpet addressing herself as a Kardashian......we could not stop laughing!
End of the Year Staff Awards Ceremony
The awards come with everything the student awards do but these are editable. They come in color or black & white with matching candy bar wrappers.
End of the Year Staff Awards Ceremony
Even though there are over 135+ awards, two of my favorite people wound up with the same one! Check out these awards HERE.

I hope I gave you loads of ideas for your awards ceremony. The links for everything are below.

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