Friday, May 27, 2016

End of the Year Awards

End of the Year Awards Ceremony

If you have been a follower of mine for some time, then you know I don't do anything without going ALL OUT. This is the obsessive side of myself and the fact that I love party planning & decorating. 

 End of the Year Awards Ceremony Ideas
 We have a lovely auditorium BUT you can't staple or pin anything ANYWHERE. The left riser rack turned into this fabulous photo backdrop! I had an old black cloth tablecloth that we stapled together & then wrapped the red paper tablecloths around it to resemble a curtain.

The Award Goes To

This photo is blurry....wah! This started as a really ugly brown frame with a crocheted clown picture in it! ugly & super scary! My mom bought it years ago so we could use the frame for something. We popped out the clown pic & burned it. Then we spray painted the frame gold. I already had a black foam board that the hubs cut to fit. And of course I had glittery gold alphabet stickers laying around. Voila! 

End of the Year Awards Ceremony
This year I printed out the awards in color on plain printer paper & then laminated them. I have heard from parents that they keep them & hang them proudly on their bedroom walls. I figured I could help them out by laminating this special keepsake. Last year, I was super low on color ink so I printed them on bright colored Astrobrights paper in black and white. I prefer full color but they look spectacular either way. 
This year I did include all of these implementation ideas + award ceremony props! 
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End of the Year Awards Ceremony Ideas

I hope I gave you loads of ideas for your awards ceremony. The links for everything are below.

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