Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Have/Who Has with Freebielicious

My reward coupons set 1 & set 2 are the best thing I have ever created for my students. I will never ever go back to any other behavior program ever! You can see me discuss my reward coupons and how I use warm fuzzies on Periscope and Youtube now. I really am trying to offer you free classroom management tips with my quirky personality so maybe it is not so boring. I dread professional development unless it is my choice. So I am offering you the choice to join me for some new tips and tricks for the school year. 

I recently bundled my reward coupons (coupons only) after a zillion requests that I just never get to. In the process of compressing this insanely large file I believe I gave myself a computer you're welcome. 

I am offering it for a major steal because it is the coupons only. There are 120 different choices with only a few repeats between each set. Please read the description and NO they are not editable. With 120 options, you will not use all of these choices, they all might not fit your needs. Keep in mind that in this you will not get the full page coupon choices, management tips, implementation ideas or organizational tips.

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