Saturday, March 28, 2015

So I posted this image on my instagram today and was hoping to get some interest...I did. Yay! 

It took so much for me to push "share" because I knew once I shared it... it would be out there...... permanently! O.M.G. I did it! In sharing it, I am hoping this will make me accountable. At least I hope. 

One thing in my life that I have always struggled with is my weight. Well, not all my life. Once I hit 30 it all went down hill after that. I never had a weight problem because I pretty much was able to eat what I wanted and never went over 140. I was stick thin in my early twenties but I also didn't eat anything. Do I want to live my life like that? Um, no. I like food too much...obviously. 

I have been on so many fad diets and have joined weight watchers at least 6 times and dropped out. I joined once again but am only using their app. Well, I was up until California. I used to be able to lose 20 lbs in a month without a problem. Well, this age thing is not my friend. Ever since I hit the 30 mark everything is harder. It's harder to lose weight and keep it off. Very hard! 

My husband always tells me that I just need to exercise and it will come off. I haven't found anybody I could pay to exercise for me so I am stuck doing it..ha! I haven't lasted long enough to make it a habit. I will give any excuse in the book not to exercise. By the time I get home from teaching those precious 6-7 years olds....I.AM.EXHAUSTED.

I absolutely love blogging and making products BUT I have put the weight on big time since I started. I just can't seem to find the balance that I need. I am struggling. 

After I went to the awesome meet-up in French Lick a few weeks ago...I have been thinking of an exercise plan. Note...thinking of one. I really....REALLY...hate pictures of myself. I cringed every time I would see a pic pop up with me in it. I shouldn't feel that way and it makes me sad. I have let myself go and I need to stop. 

In order to build up my self esteem and confidence I decided to give #giveit100 a try. I created the following document while I was in California. I hope you can use it!
I will be uploading videos throughout this journey on 
You can make your videos private or public. It will only show the first 10 seconds of your video. I plan on holding up my daily signs for each video. My goal is to walk at least 20 minutes/day for 100 days. 

You can come up with any goal you would like. There is all sorts of goals that people post on It's anything that you want to practice or do for 100 straight days. 

Why did I pick Sunday, March 29th to start??? Because it is exactly 100 days until I leave for the TPT Vegas Conference!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? When I presented last year, I was so nervous! Especially, about my weight and standing up and presenting in front of so many people. I know I come off as being very confident but in all honestly...I am not. 

So here it is...all out in the open. I hope you will join me! I will not be posting on my blog about this. I will be posting videos to under the name @seusstastic. I will also post occasionally on instagram. I don't think I will daily...but I don't know yet. I really don't want to make any promises and then I drop the ball. When I start posting on instragram I will be using the hashtag #giveit100 and #teachersgiveit100.
I am praying that the sign above will be the one I am holding in 100 days from now! Click on any image to grab this document. The document below is editable to add your very own goal if it is different from mine. Good luck! We got this!
 ***You must have PowerPoint in order to open the document above***