Sunday, February 15, 2015

Castle Block Obsession-Lakeshore Review

When Lakeshore Learning contacted me to do a review, I was hesitant to choose these castle blocks. I thought they were too young for my firsties. Boy......was I wrong!!!! They are obsessed my friends!
Immediately, my mind was spinning! How could I use this to bribe award good behavior. You know I am ALL.ABOUT.THAT! I love recognizing positive behavior choices and then the rest of the students naturally follow suit. 
First, I let the first four students who finished their morning work correctly test them out. This was my way of reeling the others in.....the blocks were my bait. 
Then I decided they have to earn the time with the castle blocks. I decided that they had to turn in a "No Morning Work" REWARD COUPON to play with them other than indoor recess.
Lakeshore Learning is offering my loyal readers a 20% off coupon!!!! Hurry and purchase any nonsale item, including these castle blocks by 3/31/15!

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