Sunday, February 22, 2015

Human Hungry Hippos & Big News!

So, I have this little FB page HERE and posted a video of an activity we did after school this week. It reached close to 600K people in a few days....what???? #holycrapballs (excuse my language) at least I didn't use the "s" know "stupid" :o)

I work with some fabulous teachers my friends. About once a month we get together to burn off some stress after school. It's always an activity that keeps everyone laughing! Two of our third grade teachers found a video on youtube and said..."What about this?" Yes, please! I was the first one to volunteer my photography & videography services. I was afraid I would hurt myself & I really wanted to sit back the first time to laugh observe.

I'm not sure who blew up the balloons or how many we had...we had a lot! On the left is our secretary counting out the steps and marking each spot so we didn't have cheaters. 
Baskets were from the Dollar Tree and we had the scooters in the gym already. 
We also had a Bluetooth player blasting some 80's music to get everyone in the mood. 
Next, we picked teams. Well....they stood on the black line and counted off....1..2..3..4. Team two won every single game but we actually caught team 1 cheating...ha!

The video we watched had ropes attached to the scooters but we did not play that way. The game literally lasts about 50 seconds. You definitely can take turns on the scooter and pushing the scooter. Thankfully, nobody was too aggressive and nobody got hurt...our stomachs hurt from laughing...that is about it.

This is the first video I have ever posted to youtube! I can't believe how easy it was! Stay tuned for more videos!!!! Uh-oh! You have been warned!

I also wanted to make an official and exciting announcement! I am so honored and ecstatic about presenting in Las Vegas this summer for TPT...AGAIN!!!! I blogged all about my fabulous trip and presentation HERE.

I PROMISE it will be even more EPIC than it was last year. I will be presenting two different sessions!! Yay!!! You can register below! I hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Castle Block Obsession-Lakeshore Review

When Lakeshore Learning contacted me to do a review, I was hesitant to choose these castle blocks. I thought they were too young for my firsties. Boy......was I wrong!!!! They are obsessed my friends!
Immediately, my mind was spinning! How could I use this to bribe award good behavior. You know I am ALL.ABOUT.THAT! I love recognizing positive behavior choices and then the rest of the students naturally follow suit. 
First, I let the first four students who finished their morning work correctly test them out. This was my way of reeling the others in.....the blocks were my bait. 
Then I decided they have to earn the time with the castle blocks. I decided that they had to turn in a "No Morning Work" REWARD COUPON to play with them other than indoor recess.
Lakeshore Learning is offering my loyal readers a 20% off coupon!!!! Hurry and purchase any nonsale item, including these castle blocks by 3/31/15!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February is Random Act of Kindness month but there is no reason this can't go on all year long. I am one of the teachers in charge of Student Council at our school and we are promoting this throughout our school and home. 

Kindness is Contagious! 
What Does the Principal Do All Day? Class book
Here are some pics from my classroom. The first grade assignment was to write a class book to our principal titled "What Does the Principal Do All Day?" The first grade classes had such a blast writing these. The principal is going to absolutely love reading these books. Out of the mouth of babes! If you look at the above pic take a look at the arrow. I had to leave the room after I saw this pic. He is going #2! I had him leave that part out but I can't wait to show him this pic after all is said and done!
 I provided 8 different book covers (male and female) with full color and black and white options.
 Here is a sample of some of the graphic organizers I included. I left some blank so you can use them with with other writing.
 Here are just some of the writing templates I included. Our kindergarten students are making a class book for our dean of students. I also included one for your vice principal if you have one at your school.
Here is a pic I posted on Instagram and had some emails about it. Hope you follow me!
 There are so many people to be thankful for at our schools....ALL.YEAR.LONG. It's always nice to recognize staff that gets burned out just like we do. 
Each grade level was assigned different staff members to thank.
Kindergarten made a class book for our Dean of Students (included). Second grade wrote letters to our cafeteria staff and nurse. Third grade wrote to our classroom aides, title staff & recess aides. Finally, fourth grade wrote to our custodians and secretaries. 

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