Thursday, May 8, 2014

We Love Our Moms..........This Much!

As I was lying in bed last night (wide awake at 2 am) I was thinking about a photo shoot for Mother's Day. You know I love changing things up from year to year....especially when I have siblings. So this is what I came up with last night & it actually turned out better than I thought it would....
 I had sidewalk chalk leftover from last year's photo shoot on our last day. Did you miss that??? Check out this fun filled post HERE.
 Anyway, my student teacher and I went to town this morning. I was sweating..yes I worked up a sweat trying to get this masterpiece done in the 10 minutes I gave myself before the kids arrived. Turned out pretty adorable if you ask me!
 We surprised one of our co-workers with this pic of her daughter. Happy early Mother's Day to her! 
All my kids ended up wearing our sunglasses. It was so sunny that they couldn't look up so you might want to be prepared for that.
Here is a peek inside a few of my easy peasy Mother's Day projects that I have in my store. Below if my Mother's Day coupon book. They loved coming up with all the coupons.
I hope to hear lots of gratitude from the mom's in my classroom. I hope they are all happy with all the hard work they did this week. They are so proud of their gifts.
This is a card I got from a former parent. Former as in her boys are in middle school. Her family is absolutely amazing. Receiving a card like this makes me want to stay in this field forever. Parents that appreciate teachers! 
I was so touched after I read this that I started to cry :o)
Speaking of appreciation.....TPT has extended the sale due to technical difficulties. My cart was loaded! Already planning for next never ends. Happy shopping!


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