Saturday, May 3, 2014

Get Your Child Ready for 2nd Grade    

 Is your child ready for second grade? Find out—with this super-exciting game show! It’s packed with 6 fun games that let kids become game-show contestants—winning pretend cash for each math or language question answered correctly. Plus, after completing each game, your child wins a reward coupon—and is treated to the prize of your choice! Best of all, after you play, simply enter the game results online—and we’ll give you an instant online assessment that pinpoints any areas where your child may need additional help. We’ll even provide FREE printable activities that focus on the exact skills your child needs to practice, plus product recommendations to build skills even further—and ensure a successful school year! 6-game set includes 240 playing cards, a game stand with a discard tray, play money, reward coupons and a score tracker to record the game results.
Some of my boys that were finished early this week were able to try this out. I did not have them keep score but let them hand out the money when they got the answer correct. This game is perfect for early finishers, small groups or even in an independent station. They loved it & have been begging me to play it again and again!
My firsties were able to independently read the questions and then their partner would look to see if they got the answer correct. Then they would of course have to pass out their money. Now they want wallets!  

I have some wonderful news! Lakeshore would like to offer my readers a discount on this game! I will be using a discount myself tomorrow for another game for my BFFf's little boy that is going into 1st grade. These games are available for K-5.

To get $10 off any Are You Ready? Game Show®, enter code 9141 at checkout or click here for a store coupon!  Expires 7/31/14.


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