Thursday, April 3, 2014

Organizational Seat Sack Ideas

As you know I have moved into a new classroom in a brand new school! I was lucky enough to get a class set of the Ultimate Organizer Set from

My all time favorite item is this seat sack. It's unbelievably well made out of extremely durable material. This is so important when you have to use something year after year. You want to make sure the product will uphold wear and tear.

We use 1 1/2'' binders that go back and forth between home and school. I honestly didn't even think that this would be able to fit inside. To my surprise it did!!!! Wahoo! This has left us with clutter free desks! Since we have new desks, we do not have any kind of storage underneath. This problem had already been solved but they still had to have their binders on their desk the entire day. This is perfect! They also store their books, desk folder, & interactive journals in the seat sack. I am saving so much instructional time not having them go back & forth to their lockers or cubbies to get materials! Love it!

I wasn't too sure what I was going to do with these since my students already have their own school boxes. I am finishing up a unit on time & ding...ding...ding...the light bulb went off! Duh! I can store math manipulatives in here!!!!!!

In each bag I put a deck of cards, a set of dot dice (soft & hard),  a set of number dice,  a mini clock & flashcards! My supply manager will pass these bags out almost daily! No more wasting time passing different materials out. They get the bag with everything in it & BAM...WE ARE DONE!

These pouches are incredible! They come equipped with heavy duty Velcro. It took me about 10 minutes to put these on each desk. Since I do warm fuzzies this is what I will store their warm fuzzy containers in. As you can see the name tag is numbered. These are their student numbers so I can use them year after year. On the other side you can put their name or number as well.
This pouch would also work well with these pencil cases. I am going to put these cases on my supply list for next year. The pencil issue absolutely kills me! With having completely flat desks, their pencils roll off ALL.DAY.LONG!

This pouch has hand sanitizer, scissors, pencil sharpener & a glue stick. There is still a ton of room!
I am so bummed that I forgot to take a picture of these Read-n-Go book bags. The quality is incredible. I LOVE that it is clear with a handle! I am currently using these at my new small group table. I will be blogging about that soon. I had to include the photo above because I think that is such a neat idea! I am obsessed with those Command hooks!

Stop by and check out this new ULTIMATE ORGANIZER SET! I highly recommend it! Ask your PTO or write a grant for a class set. You and your students will be ULTIMATELY organized!


  1. Heading over right away....I hate messes, and the kids desks are always in need of a fix up.

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