Friday, January 31, 2014

Val Day Ideas & a FREEBIE!

I just have to share a few new ideas as well as some oldies for your little sweethearts.
I have been quite MIA lately, but I am getting all caught up. I can't wait to share pics of my new classroom! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, then you've had a sneak peek!
It's been such a stressful year! Moving halfway through the year & getting rid of at least half of my belongings. It does feel good to start fresh in a brand new school & classroom! I love it & so do my little nuggets. I am waiting on a few shipments for my classroom, working on some bulletin boards & then I will be sharing pics.

Here are some pictures I did last year using photo props that I made from graphics. The kids had a blast! Now I just need to find which box all these props are in so we can do this!

Here is a few gift ideas to make your students or to make for your child's classmates.

This one is in the process of being made by a former student & her fabulous mom!  She made the heart crayons last year!

                     Raise your hand if you think she needs to start a mommy blog!!!!! 

Here is a few cover options for the parent gift we made. This was turned out super cute! They really loved being allowed to rip up all this paper!
As you can see I simply drew a heart shape on white construction paper & then copied it for each child. They just ripped up the construction paper & filled in the heart.

Here is another cover option my co-worker chose to do. She had the kids make the flowers from their fingerprints. All of them turned out different & super cute!
The photo below is actually from a Mother's Day photo shoot but it can also be used for Valentine's Day as well.

You can find this inexpensive parent gift option by clicking HERE.
Above is another inexpensive student gift! There is a ton of options & it's even EDITABLE! My kiddos absolutely LOVE these extra BONUS coupons! Grab them HERE.

Now for your freebie! I made these last year & my students loved them. I did update them & it also includes a no homework pass for your kiddos. Grab it HERE!

I am so glad I got this finished with 5 minutes to spare! I needed to get another post in for January...LOL!
Leave me some comment love! & feel free to go pin cra-cra!!!


  1. Love all your Valentines idea. Where did you get the blackboard "I love you because"..that is just precious!!
    -Lovely Nina

  2. I agree with Lovely Nina. I'll just add that all of your ideas are awesome!!! You are truly an inspiration!
    I've been following you on Instagram and your new classroom looks amazing! You've done such an anormous amount of work in such a short time.
    Classroom in Paradise

  3. I used your photo booth idea with my Firsties for Valentine's Day and they loved it and their parents loved it, too. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!


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