Friday, January 31, 2014

Val Day Ideas & a FREEBIE!

I just have to share a few new ideas as well as some oldies for your little sweethearts.
I have been quite MIA lately, but I am getting all caught up. I can't wait to share pics of my new classroom! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, then you've had a sneak peek!
It's been such a stressful year! Moving halfway through the year & getting rid of at least half of my belongings. It does feel good to start fresh in a brand new school & classroom! I love it & so do my little nuggets. I am waiting on a few shipments for my classroom, working on some bulletin boards & then I will be sharing pics.

Here are some pictures I did last year using photo props that I made from graphics. The kids had a blast! Now I just need to find which box all these props are in so we can do this!

Here is a few gift ideas to make your students or to make for your child's classmates.

This one is in the process of being made by a former student & her fabulous mom!  She made the heart crayons last year!

                     Raise your hand if you think she needs to start a mommy blog!!!!! 

Here is a few cover options for the parent gift we made. This was turned out super cute! They really loved being allowed to rip up all this paper!
As you can see I simply drew a heart shape on white construction paper & then copied it for each child. They just ripped up the construction paper & filled in the heart.

Here is another cover option my co-worker chose to do. She had the kids make the flowers from their fingerprints. All of them turned out different & super cute!
The photo below is actually from a Mother's Day photo shoot but it can also be used for Valentine's Day as well.

You can find this inexpensive parent gift option by clicking HERE.
Above is another inexpensive student gift! There is a ton of options & it's even EDITABLE! My kiddos absolutely LOVE these extra BONUS coupons! Grab them HERE.

Now for your freebie! I made these last year & my students loved them. I did update them & it also includes a no homework pass for your kiddos. Grab it HERE!

I am so glad I got this finished with 5 minutes to spare! I needed to get another post in for January...LOL!
Leave me some comment love! & feel free to go pin cra-cra!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HNY Freebielicious Blog Hop

I truly wish it was not 2 am right now...otherwise this would be way more detailed. If you follow me on Pinterest then you know my latest obsession. One word.....FILOFAX.
I purchased this beauty I call "pinky" in August. I started to use it for school & then I changed organizers. The only reason I changed is because I needed something bigger. I will give you a tour of my school binder/organizer another time. I.AM.OBSESSED with both.
Keep reading..I have a surprise for you at the end of this post.

I am totally on my vampire schedule again & am up all night long. Please pray for me next week. I am going to die! New school. New classroom. Up at 6 am again. I am getting anxiety thinking about it. I have been working on things for my new classroom my entire break. I can't wait to show you pictures. I will not unveil, until it's complete. So stay tuned........Hopefully, it won't be a year from  

One of my main goals for my new classroom is to be as organized as possible. That is my work goal. I am trying to not have too many flat surfaces where I can dump papers. I am trying to pack everything tightly so I don't have anywhere to hide the piles of paper. I always buy so much on TPT & copy way too much of it. I am going to try & change that part of my planning. I OVER PLAN way too much! As I was packing up my old classroom I found out what a hoarder I was. I really should of taken pics...I was too embarrassed. Since my classroom will be smaller I had to get rid of about half of my stuff. It's ok. I'm over it. It hurt...real bad. It was pure torture. Ok...vent over. A lot of my items did go to newer teachers who haven't collected as much as I have. So I am glad I can help out other teachers. I also donated a ton of pocket charts, containers (I'm a container hoarder), & shelves to local private schools. My mom actually said "you should be ashamed of yourself having all these containers!"......I have more friends just in different colors. I basically got rid of anything primary. It's all good but I still have an excess of pretty containers now.
I will show you just a few pics I took on Monday. These neon bright colored bins are from Really Good Stuff.  I LOVE THEM!!!! The black bins are 12 quart dishpans. I risked my life to get these. I went to a REALLY bad part of track these down. If you live in the Chicagoland area don't even bother looking for these...I bought them all. Ha! Seriously, they are no longer making them!!!! Why, Sterilite, why??????? You are disappointing teachers around the world. Maybe we should all write them! Anyway, I used my neon Avery labels to make the student numbers pop. Our new desks are flat. As in there is nothing underneath. I am not kidding friends. They have no where to put their things. This was my best solution otherwise all of their items would be loose in those cubbies & that would not be a pretty sight. 
Here is a pic of my kiddos when we did our tour the last day before Winter break. You can get an idea of how the desks are. The one good thing is that they are super heavy so they will not be all over the place. 
This is another tiny view of the one side of the room that is almost finished. My seven bulletin boards will be the last thing that gets finished. I have a feeling those won't be done until after the kids return. 
I was so fortunate with all the generous gifts from my husband and mom. This gift was my favorite! The pens my husband put in my stocking were my second favorite :o) This washi tape turntable can be purchased at Costco for $19.00 or you can find it here.  
I apologize for the poor quality of these Filofax pictures. It's super late (3:20 am) & the lighting in my office is horrible. As you can see I purchased some multicolor paper from Amazon. I am planning on using blue for school, green for personal notes & pink for blog notes.  I ordered the 2014 refill with a week on two pages-no lines.  I prefer the one with no lines so I can make it look pretty with washi tape. You can find the refill here.
Here is a view of the inside of my Filofax personal organizer. I use a combination of what you see above as well as two additional markers that are not shown. The Frixion markers on the right are erasable so I do use those often. On the left are my favorite Paper Mate flair markers, a Pilot G2 & a simple mechanical pencil. There is also a space for business cards & I also put my favorite Post-it tabs. 
I received a very generous Amazon gift card from a parent so I ordered these Paper Mate flairs for my organizer. 
I am going to be stalking the mailman starting tomorrow. These have an ultra fine point so I am super excited to try them out.

Remember that washi tape turntable?????? Naturally, my resolution is to lose weight. It always is. Hopefully, by putting it out there I will be held accountable. Hubs & I are going to do our best to move it & lose it! I just love food so much....wah! 
Those are the markers I use when I write on washi tape. The Sharpie was from the hubs. 
I decided to skip ordering the expensive stickers and decided to make labels for my Filofax & my school organizer. Simply use return address sized labels & print. I personally used Avery 8167 labels & I also used Staples brand labels & they both lined up fine. LMK if you would like to see more labels. Click on the pic above to grab your freebie.  

I am also sharing a sign that I made & keep in my Seusstastic office. I look at it every time I am feeling burned out. I love it! Simply right click & save it. I have mine in an 8x10 frame & I also have a 5x7 at school. 

I hope I have helped or motivated you in some way. I know I get excited for a new year & fresh start. We can do this! Now hop to Donna from Kinderglynn's blog & read all about her resolutions. 


It is now after 4 am & I almost just ordered an Ab Carver Pro. I better get some sleep!