Sunday, December 1, 2013

November & Oh My... it's December?

So my much needed Thanksgiving break is over....BIG OLE WAH...(visualize me kicking, screaming & yelling "I don't want to go back to school!") True story.
Anyhoo, I thought I'd share some November fun we had with photo props & some other fun stuff.

Most of the photo props I use is simply clip art that I blow up & print out on card stock. Michael's and Dollar Tree are always my favorite places to drop by to purchase little props. The favorite item was........
The the hats. They were too cute on them! No shame with my little nuggets! The hats pictured above came from Target dollar spot but they were actually $3 each. The props in this photo you can grab for free from

This photo shoot took place in the ugliest corner of my classroom...if you can only see behind that yellow Speaking of my school, did I mention I am getting a new classroom in a few weeks???
Getting an opportunity for a clean slate is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have been following my blog for a while then you know I get bored. Things will change friends. I can't even tell you when you will see the new classroom because it's going to turn into my permanent home in a few weeks. Well, until I get kicked out & told to go home. I've been having all kinds of dreams about my situation. I've woken up in a cold sweat because I had a dream that all my new goodies from Creative Teaching Press got lost & I found them hung up in the principal's office! I am not even giving you a hint of what I am going to do...I bet you're on pins & needles. I know everyone around me is....they are scared right now. I've been a tad bit of a psycho Chihuahua lets say. I'm sore. I'm tired. I'm moody. I'm tired. I'm tired of packing. I'm sore. Did I mention I'm tired? I know it will feel good to start fresh, I'm not feeling it right now, but everyone keeps saying that to me over and over again. Do you believe this did not make the cut? 

Don't even offer to buy it's gone :o( 
This is my BFF from work who is also a blogger. She was brave enough to come help me at school yesterday. You should check out her adorable blog here! The only way we are getting through this stressful part of our lives is finding laughter in anything possible! 

I have no words for this, just tears & major body aches........................

Now onto the handprint calendar that I made & posted on TPT. It started out @ about 150ish pages & now it is a whopping 190 pages!!! EGADS!

 That is my calendar in the #3 spot!!!! Holy guacamole! Did you know there are 758,046 products on TPT??? I still am on cloud 9. I am so thankful TPT has given me the opportunity to share my ideas! Thanks TPT!

That is pretty much self explanatory....I hope. The pre-dated calendars will be updated yearly. I will also update graphics as they become available. What you see above, is basically what you will be getting for $7. With a class size of 25 you will be spending 28 cents/student for this year only. Will you have access to the calendar next year? Why, yes you will. 28 cents/student-one time fee=priceless. You can even do it with your own children! This will be a treasured keepsake that is better than any gift card, ornament, etc. Does it take time? Yes. 

I start after Thanksgiving which would mean I am starting tomorrow...EEK! My students will be getting the calendar templates to color & number for morning work until break. This is the ONLY time they are allowed to color all year long. I display a copy of a colored calendar to give them a sample of colors they should use. While they are coloring, I am doing at least 2 handprints with each student. I don't have room for anymore in the morning. They will dry throughout the day. After they are dry, I will have the students paste their finished sheets on black construction paper. I print out the sheets on regular copy paper btw. After they are finished pasting I will have them put them in our crate. 

I guess I will have to move that down tomorrow...ha! I use this at different times of the year for different organizational purposes. The students each have a finished & not finished file folder inside of a poly hanging folder with their student number on it. If I have a student that gets pulled for something or they are simply absent I will put their unfinished work in the appropriate folder. They know they just have to go straight to this when they are finished with their work to catch up. 
My goal is to get at least two handprints finished a day. I usually do the handprints that have one to two colors together & get those out of the way. The ones that take multiple colors, I usually only get through that handprint that day. 
 Here is my friend Stacey from Teaching Ever After. She is doing the project with her own children. Since her little nuggets are young, she chose to print out the calendars on card stock back to back. She will be putting together the calendar without pasting each page on construction paper like I suggested. This way uses less paper that is for sure. She also is going to put a photo of her kids on each page. It looks like Norah had the September calendar. She is going to put Norah's picture on September so Grandma knows whose handprint it is. After she was done she really wanted it for herself. I suggested she scan the pages so she can keep one for herself & give it to each set of grandparents without having to do prints each time...GENIUS!

 This is the cutest thing I've seen! This would be the perfect picture to put on that specific handprint page! Adorbs!
This calendar as well as my ENTIRE store will be discounted starting tomorrow!
Also stayed tuned & start taking pictures for the annual Classroom Elf linky party! If you missed it the last several years click on the picture below to get some ideas, start taking daily photos & be ready to link up on December 8th.

Michelle from Apples & ABC's & I are excited to share our ideas for using an Elf in the Classroom. If you don't follow Michelle or I on Instagram, you should. We will be posting our daily classroom elf adventures daily by using the hashtag #elfintheclassroom 
We think you should join us!

The button ABOVE is the button you will use if you plan on linking up on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8TH. We will go live on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2013 so get your post ready to publish bright & early on Sunday morning. Please be a doll & link back to either one of our blogs. We will be going through the posts to make sure you are linked back & your post if about using an elf in your classroom. Can it be an old post, yes. Just make sure you are linked back to us. We will be doing an Elf in the Classroom linky party on December 8th, December 15th & December 22nd.

Do you have to use THE elf on the shelf? No! I am using the one below.
 I purchased this cutie patootie elf HERE


  1. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your site! I am not privileged to say that I am a teacher yet (I start my student teaching in January) I graduate in May. But I am always on your blog preparing for what I will need. I am SO excited!
    Thank you for all that you do!

  2. I always love your photo booth pics! I can't wait to make your calendars this year!! THANK YOU!!! :-)
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

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