Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elf in the Classroom Linky-Week 2

So I found these itty-bitty-teeny-weeny-little-nugget fuzzies at Michael's. They were so little & cute I just had to have them. I also found these itty bitty containers when I was packing. I knew I would use them for something...viola!

 I wanted to stuff Cubert into the fuzzy container but that didn't work out so he sat in it.

All I remember is writing the note when I was really mad at them. I will be honest. They are a little nutso over this elf & it's kind of having the reverse effect. I am tired. This whole elf in the classroom gig I have going is exhausting. I ended up filling those little containers full of those itty bitty fuzzies & referred to them all week. I ended up giving three away to the three that had excellent behavior. I thought there would be tears...but no. They didn't care. 

"Twiz" the season to be on your best behavior! They didn't get it & the candy did not work. It just made them more hyper. 

I was beginning to contemplate returning Cubert to Amazon. 

 Then I looked around at all these boxes. They are making me really crabby & uneasy. Maybe this is why my little nuggets are so bad.

I think I covered every angle. Ya think? 

And then the movers came................aah! We have this empty room now!
My first thought was....where am I going to put that elf now?!?!

Then it hit me.....they need a puppy! Of course, I had to get one that looked just like my Olive or as I call her "Moo Moo". This took the pressure off and this gives me more leverage with the elf & a puppy! 

They were hooked & I was on cloud 9.............

 Moo Moo was reading............
She was working on the floor with them.........
She was playing with them like a real puppy.........
She was being pampered, petted & then...........
They both had to leave. They were kicked out...booted....see ya later! I could not take it anymore. They were fighting over Moo Moo non stop. Just like anything else you introduce into your classroom, you must have a plan in place. Well, I'm sick & I dropped the ball. I think they actually made me lose my voice. My throat hurt. My head hurt. My body ached. Put a fork in me, I was done. 
I felt bad immediately. They were sad....very sad. 
I kept saying over and over again that Cubert was still watching & they still have time to improve their behavior. Worked like a charm. 
I brought them back towards the end of the day. I even found a bandana that said "I woof Santa" & stuck it on Moo Moo. We had a birthday that day so I left my aide with the kids in computer lab, ran back to class & passed out the birthday treats. I placed them on the birthday boys desk with a note. This really made this little boys day! They were all so jealous they were at his seat!
Cubert also had "I want a dog for Christmas" playing on the smartboard when they came in!
 They loved when Cubert changed the lunch menu! This is the day that I left for 1/2 day. I was miserable. Remember I was sick?? And then I get this text message......excuse my language.

Of course, I kept thinking about how am I going to handle this. I didn't want to make him feel worse about touching the elf. I went to Instagram for some help. 
In comes the emergency magic elf dust! It was a mixture of cinnamon & tons of glitter. In fact, I went a little cra cra with the glitter & got it all over me so I decided to make a trail of it from the doorway to Cubert. He was in a make shift hospital bed with a band-aid on his hand. I was going to add gauze but I forgot to grab some. 

The first student with all of their morning work finished correctly was the lucky one to spread the magic elf dust. We walked around to let them all get a big sniff first.

I try to remember to grab their Cubert notes out of his mailbox. The cutest note was asking for a blanket for Moo Moo. I also grabbed one of Olive's old coats that she has outgrown. Holy cuteness! I think this could get expensive! Now they want a collar & another dog! 

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elf in the Classroom Linky-Week 1

Raise your hand if your little nuggets are cra-cra already! OH.MY.WORD. I am all for the elf in the does get them all hyper....I know....BUT......we are creating memories for them. We are providing something for them to look forward to each day & that my friends, is priceless. 

If you have been following me for a while then you know I love this time of year. If you missed the last few years of elf madness then click HERE to check out all the elf antics.
Click on the button above to take you to my linky party last year. You will get loads of elf in the classroom ideas! 
I have always put a box in the freezer BUT this year I changed it up a bit. I put everything in a bigger box with some goodies for the kids. I was inspired by my friend Maria from Kinder-Craze with the spray adhesive & glitter. It added an extra special touch! Check out her classroom elf freebie HERE.
So I had my friend Stacey from Teaching Ever After make a fake phone call to my class. She basically called & hung up & I proceeded to be all dramatic about a package arriving. 
"Really?, a package is coming right now? We are right in the middle of writing! Ugh! Can one of the kids come get it? No? Why? It's frozen? What?!?! Well, I'll have them put gloves on. No? Ugh. Ok, I guess just bring it down (insert eye roll)." Seconds later the package arrives & they went NUTSO.
So we opened up the box & this is what we found. Did they care it wasn't "The" elf...not at all. It's an elf & that's all they care about. Inside the envelope was a letter that stated the following...........
Our old elf went to Stacey's classroom because, well, they are really Not that my class is all me...far from it. I'm hoping all the excitement passes by next week! 
Since this year our circumstances are a bit different, I am gifting them with more tangible items for good behavior. When the classroom is distressed (because of our move) the classroom is just kind of "off". I am trying to provide as much normalcy as possible while we are packing & our classroom atmosphere is changing daily. Our little ones thrive on structure & it's really hard to keep that when everything around you is changing. In turn, some of them have been acting out. This week when our elf arrived, they were so excited and could care less about the classroom changing.

This was their first gift from the elf. Each of them had writing journals put together. One of them asked in the morning where their December writing journals were. They said "I know, you're super busy!" Yes, they do repeat & watch everything you do. 
The elf also brought them stickers to do "sticker stories" in their journals. They lost their stickers about a month ago so they screamed over this! 

Of course, I received a gift as well. I included a behavior log with a letter just as a warning to them. I actually wrote in it not too long after that & there were many tears from the student that I wrote about. He later wrote an apology letter which has never happened....EVER. 
Then we named our nameless elf. I pulled four sticks & those students got to give me a name. Then we took a vote. The little one in the front gave me the "write on the whiteboard coupon" so this was an extra special day for her. The name Cubert ended up winning in the end. I kinda like it. 

After we named him they wrote about his arrival and how we picked out a name. After each time the elf moves we always write about it. I move him while they are at lunch. I used to move him several times a day but our schedule just doesn't allow that this year. Plus, with so much of my room packed up I have to be really creative. 
The day the elf arrived I had a math curriculum meeting in the afternoon. So of course he had to get moved before I left. We have a permanent sub in our building that I prepped before I left. Well, she had never heard of this. Apparently, she patted him on the head & said how cute he was...they went crazy & one of my students even started crying because they thought the elf would lose his magic & not come back. 

***Tip: Have a plan ahead of time in case this happens. I did not know this happened until they told me when I returned. I basically said "Well, did you know that teachers & adults can touch him & he won't lose his magic?"***

They fell for it. Phew! 

You know your students & you know what they like. My students are nutso over Scentos! They also have to have a variety in our writing center. The first thing I did was create little "elf sized" notes for our cutie patootie little mailbox from Scholastic. I really didn't realize just how into it they would They were obsessed with writing him notes! That itty bitty mailbox was bursting with elf notes by lunch! I have the cutest notes but I forgot to take a picture of them :o( I will in our next link up! 
Finally, one of them noticed our surveillance sign! It was the cutest thing ever! Grab it here FREE! I added some more pages.
Of course I have to keep with the same look as our sign. I bought these elf themed pencils at Dollar Tree! It was perfect! I left a little note that said thank you for all the notes but I couldn't read some of them. Maybe these brand new pencils will help you write neater. Of course there was a note that said "I'm watching you" as a constant reminder!

Every single pencil had an elf! Couldn't be more perfect! Thank you Dollar Tree
After they had some time to write more notes, Cubert left this message for them on our smartboard. 

****Picture co-worker Stacey & I were plotting eating in my room. I looked at the clock & freaked out! Uh-oh, we have to move the elf now!!!!!!!!!!! I already had an idea in my head & so I start furiously putting the message up. The clock was ticking. I beg Stacey to jump on a desk & put the elf up high. Well, the door knob turned. We freaked. I had a mini heart attack & Stacey about broke her ankle jumping off the desk. The principal walked in while Stacey was mid air. I think he was more embarrassed for us than anything. We were red, sweaty, & looked like hot messes. IT.WAS.FUNNNNNNY! 
This was a note Macey got when she returned for lunch. It is my goal to give one to each student from Cubert. I really do not want to give a naughty one but I do have them ready to go. Everyone was jealous & upset that she got the note & they didn't. I talked about how she always does her best, is respectful to adults, & is always a bucket filler. Obviously, Cubert looks for those behavior when he leaves a note. The behavior changed for the better. They all really want a note from Cubert! 
This was placed on a desk because he was on the sub note from the day before. He had one strike when he came in for the day. He had another strike by lunch. If he got strike 3, Cubert was reporting directly to Santa. Did he get strike 3 you ask???? No.

Cubert found his marker with the cap off the top so he threw the markers all over while they were at special. He left a warning note for them. If any Scentos markers were left with no cap he would take them all to the North Pole.

This was pretty funny. I put the computer screen sideways while they were in there. Next thing I know I find this little one taking an AR test while it was sideways! They were fighting over this computer...ha! 
I emailed my classroom parents and asked for several donations to use with these little notes I made. I put these on their desk when they go to special. I thought for sure they would just throw the notes away & go straight for the candy...that was not the case. They all wanted to keep it! 
This was actually a birthday treat. While they were at special I whipped up this little note & passed out the treats with the note. The birthday boy felt so special that the elf passed out the treats for him. But when they read the note, they couldn't stop laughing! Ugh! More noise! 

They were sooooooo excited with this one! They each got a whole pack of gum on their desks! I let them eat just one piece and I had a little chat with Cubert in front of him. I told him you better not break our school rules & bring them stuff that is against our rules...this made it even more special for them.

If you liked what you saw, check out my newest pack. It is so much fun!

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