Sunday, October 20, 2013

October is Spooktastic! Tons of pics!

Holy Fall-o-Ween! I am beyond busy people. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL FALL BREAK! Thank you for the much needed one day off. We used to have two...sadsville :o( 
Do you feel the burn-out like I do?? We all need a break. 

Anywho, I was obsessed last weekend with coming up with student & co-worker gifts. I have some students that don't celebrate Halloween so that is where the Fall-O-Ween (is that a word) came in to play. 

I don't know about you but chocolate ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. This time of year all the teachers are burned out & even the students are. We've been in school for almost 50 days...but who's counting. 

This also gave me an excuse to make something with all the Melonheadz graphics I own. I.CAN'T.STOP. I am obsessed with anything & everything she makes!!!! 

So I decided to make some new candy bar wrappers. I had such good response & feedback with my EOY Candy Bar Wrapper Awards & they were so easy, that I decided to make more! This time I included an editable version. I also included some really funny wrappers to give your co-workers. Only a teacher would understand the Halloween party jokes that are included. 
Some examples include: Hip, Hip, Hooray! Halloween is right around the corner! Said No Teacher Ever! Wishing you a sane & candy-less Halloween.
*Be careful not to whip out the broom too early! Wishing you a sane & wicked-free Halloween.
*Here's to hoping there is no full moon on Halloween!
*If the broom fits....ride it!
Yay! I'm so glad Halloween falls on a school day this year! Said no teacher ever! Wishing you a sane & stress-free Halloween!

Here are some samples of wrappers you can give your co-workers. Putting a smile on someone's face & giving them a reason to LOL is priceless! 

 Here is a sample of the fall wrappers I will give the students that don't celebrate. 
I have provided both Fall (26 different) & Halloween (over 70 different) themed candy bar wrappers with adorable graphics to give as gifts to your students, co-workers, your child's teacher, neighbor or anyone who needs a treat this time of the year. I am sending these to some of my friends so they can have their child hand these out at their school parties.
I will be even handing these out to Boo! my neighbors & will have them at our annual Halloween party. 
I have also included editable versions of 13 Halloween wrappers. I always give my little monsters a no homework pass & I also included 5 different black & white versions of those to copy on colored paper. Click HERE or on any picture above to grab yours for a VERY discounted price.

During Fire Prevention Week our school always has a coloring contest for each grade level. The firemen come & announce the winner while giving each student who placed a ribbon. I used some of my FREE sheets you can find HERE. I also have a little girl in my class whose dad is a fireman. We wrote to him & he absolutely love it! I love thanking our local heroes! 

We spent a week learning about spiders. Can I say EWW! I have collected a lot of books throughout the year & when I place them under my document camera...I can barely look. 

Here is one of my brave little nuggets pointing to spider body parts for us. They love using our glowing pointer from Lincoln Park Zoo! 

I used Christie from First Grade Fever Spectacular Spider Unit! I just love her stuff! The spider craftivity that she includes in this unit inspired this spider hat. 

 I used my 1'' hole puncher & made a ton of neon circles for my kiddos to choose from. I made the eyeballs on my computer. I also made the noses on my computer & then gave them a choice of orange or purple noses.

I just love these silly spiders!
This is my co-workers classroom door! I love it!
In October, we start our family projects. We simply send home a blown up image of a pumpkin & let the parent's & children go to town. I just love seeing what they come up with! Very creative! Each student presents their project to the class. It's a great opportunity for an oral presentation (Speaking & Listening)! I had more pics but lost them...sorry. 
This is one of my very favorite holidays! And you know what that means...time to decorate!!!! Here are some pics from my home. 

I bought some witch stockings from Dollar Tree, cut them off & put them on our table legs. Cute, right??? 

I keep all my spooky books in this container. This is a special treat for them to go in my boo! bin. They also can choose a coupon to pick my read aloud for the day.
Here is a little display I have in my classroom. 
Happy Halloween from the hubs & I! 

If you read this far, I love you! I will send the first five to comment with their email my new Fall-O-Ween product!




    Love your blog!

  2. I LOVE the way you decorated your house! And the spider hats are too cute - looks like I'll be bringing my 1" punch to school tomorrow. (Side note: aren't document cameras SOOO handy!??!) Can't wait to use the Fall-O-Ween pack!

  3. I love your blog!! You are so inspirational!

    :) Becky

  4. Your class and home look amazing!

    Thanks :)

  5. Happy Fall! It is a fun time of the year. Thanks for sharing all of your fantastic Fall-oween ideas and pics!

  6. Although, I'm not a big fan of Halloween.....thank you for some good ideas! And, I do love the pic of you and hubby!!!

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  8. What awesome decorating you do! I hope you guys host a halloween party to show it all off! I love holiday decorations!

    Creating & Teaching

  9. I love your blog and get so much inspiration from you. I am a second year teacher and need all the help I can get. I would love a copy of the spider eyes and nose, would you be willing to share?? Thanks for all your help and ideas.

  10. Wish I had been one of the first 5 but congratulations to those who were! I loved this post! Do you think you could come decorate my classroom and house for Halloween for me.

  11. Too cute Mel! Loving the spider hats :) I think I will do that this Friday :)

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  16. Loved this post and your products (even if I am not the top 5)!

  17. Loved this post and your products (even if I am not the top 5)!