Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School is No Joking Matter!

I am linking up with my favorite teacher bloggers from Freebie-licious for some Saturday night fun! If you want to start at the beginning click on our cutie patootie button below.

After the draining week, I seriously needed some laughs. It was the longest week of my entire life. I have NEVER started using warm fuzzies on the first day, let's just leave it at that. So here are some of my favorite eCards to make you giggle! 

This is my first slide at open joke. You know how we find out EVERYTHING starting on day one.

This is me last week...well it's me now!

Hop on over to Marsha over @ A Differentiated Kindergarten!

Don't forget to load up your cart for the TPT back to school sale! My whole store will be on sale!!!!! And I am busting my you know what to get those chalkboard neon labels tonight!

One more thing.....I was honored to be chosen by Pinterest to manage the first grade board...HOLLA!!!! The board is unbelievable & filled with a TON of amazing ideas from amazing teacher bloggers. Stop on over & follow our boards! Click on the photo below to see all the boards of Teachers on Pinterest.



  1. We know you are only kidding. It is obvious how much you love children by all the time you put into your classroom and materials.

  2. I so need to display the "I did not need a set of candles.." one in my room ;) Sorry you had a bad email- if I didn't get to laugh about my job I may go crazy

  3. First I giggled and that I laughed really loudly! I'm a teacher in sunny South Africa and that first e-card is exactly what the parents hear from me as well. Thanks for the laughs! Still giggling....

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  7. Where did you print the labels so they printed neon instead of dull?

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