Monday, July 22, 2013

Positive Rewards for Classroom Management

If you have been a follower for the last several years then you know I focus on positive classroom management. Several years ago when I implemented my reward coupons I witnessed a drastic change in my classroom atmosphere. It was truly amazing to watch. Along with the reward coupons I also use a combination of character trait student recognition necklaces (pictured above) and my other student recognition necklaces. It is amazing how the students just light up when I would tell them to go grab the "I was respectful" necklace! They wore them proudly & loved the extra attention they received from the principal, other teachers & staff members. 
This is how I used to store them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way these were stored BUT you know I like to change things up........keep reading. I simply printed the necklaces out on REGULAR PRINTER PAPER, not card stock & then cut each necklace out & pasted it on tie dye scrapbook paper. Of course I laminated them & used a colorful stretchy string on each of them.

These are my original student recognition necklaces. These are still in my store if you would prefer just purchasing one sheet of 6 necklaces. Again, I needed an update. I am in love with Melonheadz graphics & made brand new ones. I would write down every time I saw a student do something that needed to be recognized. I did not have a necklace for them which made me tho thad :o( Even though I have been teaching for 10 years I always change things up from year to year. You never know what kind of students you will have, each and every one of them has different needs. 

So here is what the hubs & I have been working on!!!!! 
 I am so IN LOVE!!!!! As you can see I am now into chevron & neon. Seriously, I need help. I keep coming up with different projects to give myself an excuse to go "shop" for what I need for the blog & search for more neon! It totally brings me back to the 80's man...totally tubular! The second neon zig zag is is not orange as it appears...sorry that was bugging me. 

This is how it all started........................

I found this beauty on ETSY as I was searching for a jewelry organizer for my dressing room...that is a whole other post friends. If you are curious, just pop over to my Instagram & check out the pics! It looks incredible! 
Anyway, I showed it to the hubs & asked him if he can make me one. Then a light bulb went know how that goes! It happens to me @about 3 am & then I get obsessed about it. I have black & white chevron in my dressing room but am adding some neon/chevron to my classroom. Are the peace signs going away, um no...never. 
So my fabulous hubs went to Home Depot & bought a 2'x4' piece of peg board for $8! Since I am on my vampire schedule & am up all night & sleep till noon-ISH, this is what he did while I was sleeping. If you look on the top right corner closely you can see the pencil marks. I have no clue what they mean but it had to be done, according to him. I really didn't think it was that much work & measurement...ugh..I am not good with measuring...that's why I teach first grade. It looks great, right? Well, my OCD self was not happy until those zig zags matched the rug. 
I can't even tell you now many coats of neon this took. I just asked the hubs & he rolled his eyes. I'm thinking it was a lot. He also picked up those silver hooks so I could hang my necklaces. 
The neon paint is acrylic paint from Michael's.  You need to check out my Instagram...I am there constantly & always take pics of what I find. 
This bright neon paper came from Target. I LOVE how bright it is! I can't find it on their site but it's made by

Here are some shots of the different choices. There are 140 DIFFERENT choices! I know, I go overboard! I do that with everything! But, it's all about my kids & I want to acknowledge every thing they do. 

 You get the idea of all the choices...hopefully. I don't think I missed any opportunity for any student to

The first five to comment below with your email, will win this new product for FREE! If you don't win, go grab them HERE, they are on sale & are a steal! 

I HAVE to give my fabulous husband a shout out. He is really a great helper! Not only did he make the board he also cut out, pasted & laminated everything! I know, he's a keeper & he's mine...HANDS OFF! LOL!
My boys! Aren't they precious?
I took a close up of the necklaces with the chains for you. I used acid blue, rose red & silver.

I did not want to use string again so I was off to EBAY to order these ball metal bead chains. They are already put together unlike the ones you get at Hobby Lobby. 
Why did I choose those colors you ask? Since I included a girl graphic on the girl necklaces I used the pink chain for those & blue for the boys. The more general necklaces such as; I lost a tooth, Happy Birthday, Bucket Filler, No Bullying, etc. I used silver for those.
This is my gorgeous niece sporting one of the necklaces. She chose which one she thought she should get. Since she was on the Ipad, Macbook, Mini Ipad, Kindle, Ipod all weekend, she thought this was for her.

She is at the age where she loves to clean, organize & help out in any way. First we did my new borrow bucket. We marked all the pencils with washi-tape. 
She did not like this job so much. Hopefully I will have all my organizational stuff done by next Monday Made It & I will post what we have done. I do post immediately on my Instagram.

When I do see things while I'm out shopping I will post ideas like this one. 
I saw these at Hobby Lobby & thought this would be fabulous for your little nuggets to hold for a BTS photo prop! The ONLY choices are 1-3. I am working on my BTS photo prop & will post about it soon. 

This board is 1 of 4 I found at TJ Maxx.....SCORE! I live dangerously close to TJ Maxx & Marshall's & am there several times a week. I have this internal radar that goes off when a new truck load comes in. I am also convinced my car came with some kind of powerful magnet that just forces my car to go to those stores. My husband doesn't believe that one either. 
The board my niece is holding is a chalkboard. LOVE! 

 Then, she wanted Bentley in the photos. Not Java or Olive, just Bentley.

I am going to leave with this photo to ponder. I literally have not stopped LMAO!
I have been asking around where I can purchase one of these. It would make online shopping around the hubs much easier! 

Now go go check out 4th Grade Frolics & get inspired. This is my first Monday Made It!



  1. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE them! Please let me be a winner!! Amy

  2. So cute! I am with you I am up late and can't seem to shut my brain down to sleep.


  3. I love your reward necklaces - what a fabulous idea!

    Miss Galvin Learns

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  5. Love this idea! I already use your reward coupons in my classroom and the kids LOVE it!

  6. Very cute! Props to your husband as well for helping.

  7. Very cute! Props to your husband as well for helping.

  8. Holy moly are you fast!!! LOL! I see I have fellow night owls. I am emailing it now then off to bed.

  9. Love, love, love.. Ahh, but I'm too late! It is amazing how differently children behave when we reward the positive! Lori

  10. LOL! Your blog is precious. Not sure how I have missed it over the past few months but I am a follower now and will definitely be checking in! :) Love, love, love the privacy/shopping sweater! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners
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  14. You are so talented. Love these! PS I saw the numbers at Hobby Lobby but couldn't think of anything to do with them. Now I know! :)

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  16. Love all your ideas. I use reward coupons too and I love that the kids love them and my wallet loves them! I am off to check out your necklaces and I can't stop giggling about your last photo... seriously, a privacy sweater? LOl!
    Kickin' It With Class

  17. Mel, I love the idea of the necklaces. I converted to the coupons last year with my kindergarten. It was really amazing how much it motivated the students -- all the time. Also, you and both have awesome hubs. Mine doesn't cut and laminate, but he helps me with the technology and setting up my room. Thanks for sharing your wonderful products.

  18. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the necklace idea!!!!!!! Where did you get the stretchy string for the necklaces?
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  20. LOVE these! I ordered the reward coupons at the end of last year to implement this year. These recognition badges will go well with those!


  21. Your reward coupons have been on my TPT wish list since last year and I've made a promise to myself that I'll buy them once I sell some of my own products. Now your amazing necklaces are on my wish list, too!

  22. Oh well, I'm not a winner, but I will be when I buy your awesome necklaces on TPT! My eyes are blurry tonight as I am obsessed and reading cool blogs to inspire my teaching K! Do you ever let the necklaces go home, or just put them back on the coolest board ever? Jane in Kasilof, AK.

  23. I teach middle school, so as much as I love the idea of the necklaces, I'm not sure my students would. I do have one question- will you hang up all 140 choices at once or rotate them out from time to time, perhaps as you want to work on molding certain behaviors?

  24. My 12 year old son was snooping on my Instagram and almost fell off the couch laughing at your laptop privacy picture. Thanks for the great post and ideas! (and laugh!)

  25. WIsh I was a winner...but way too late! I got your reward coupons last year and used them with my kindergarteners who absolutely loved them. Love the idea of your necklaces the kids get to keep their necklace or just wear it until the end of the day? Thanks for another great idea!


  26. I have a question do they keep the necklaces or return them at the end of the day? I teach 4 separate blocks so I was just wondering :) I love the idea!!!

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  30. do you have copies of the necklaces? I love the idea...would this work for 5th graders do you think??

  31. I have a question do they keep the necklaces or return them at the end of the day? I teach separate blocks so I was just wondering :) I love the idea!!!

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  33. Do the students keep these or return them to school the next day for future use? Thank you! : )

  34. Super cute! Where did you find that rug?