Monday, July 8, 2013

Educents Back to School Bundle

Did you see, did you see, did you see?  

Seusstastic and all the gals over at Freebielicious have teamed with Educents with this amazing deal for Back to School!

Our Back to School bundle is 23 of our best selling products!    Included in your download is craftivities, centers, small group games, printables, activities, organization items, posters, readers, and much more!  Over 2000 pages of Back to School fun!  All this for $30 - that's over 80% off the retail price!  

Seusstastic's contribution is my best selling Candy Land Long Vowel Bundle! This game includes the following: Long A (a_e, -ay, -ai), Long E (ee, ea, ie, ey, y), Long I (i_e, igh, -y, -ie), Long O (o_e, oa, ow, oo, +), & Long U (u_e, ew, ue, +) word cards. All the vowel cards are on look-alike Candy Land cards. You just need a game board and game pieces. Print out cards on card stock, laminate, cut and use for years to come! My kids LOVE & BEG to play this game! This can be used in a Work Work station in Daily 5 or as a literacy station. This can be used for your at risk, on-level, or advanced students depending on your grade level. This can be used in an RTI group or larger group depending on how many game boards you have.
The regular price of this bundle is $12.50!


My BFF's over at Freebielicious have linked up their products so you can see what you are purchasing!  Click below to head on over and see all the other great products!  

Or click here to go directly to Educents to get the deal!  


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