Friday, July 19, 2013

Classroom Photo Ideas

Last year I decided to continue a classroom blog & post yearly photos to share with the parents. After looking at the page views from my first year I knew they were really into it.

If I were a parent (I wish :o(), I know I would love to see pictures of my child in the classroom. I posted pictures on this blog throughout the year but decided to have them all in one place for you! 

Unfortunately, I don't have pics of the first week but I do starting in September. I actually just used a boring old sign that said "I am a first grader". It was very cute don't get me wrong. I have something in the works that I will post soon.

I've been making photo props all year long for my nuggets. All I did was take the graphics that I already had & just blew them up & printed them on card stock & taped a dowel rod onto the back of it. I also had props that I have picked up throughout the years. Here are some examples of different photos we took. 

This was actually taken at the end of the year BUT I might use this for the beginning of the year photo. OR I might just have something up my's almost done...I swear! 

I took a class photo with the Johnny Appleseed hats but of course I can't find it. 

 This photo was for our postcard exchange...................

 Our Halloween group photo in our ugly gym.................

 Thanksgiving pics during our annual feast..........

I wrote a grant and received it....woo hoo! This was on the front of our thank you card.

I would always let the parent know when I was planning on taking photos. Usually they came dressed to a "T" for the photo shoot. 
I developed the holiday pictures at Meier & put cute holiday borders around each one & put it in one of those Christmas photo cards for the parents. I also would let them pick two friends to take a picture with and we would also take a classroom photo.

For every holiday and big event we would take group shots with them holding up letters...this was too stinking cute!
Isn't the chevron background awesome? All I did was duct taped my rug to the Smart board...ha! Perfecto!

Oh, how I miss my little nuggets. Here is a pic of my two faves in their penguin hats. We took a whole class photo as well.

The "Text Me" about kills me! Too flippin cute! They insisted on having staches for EVERY photo shoot.

What girl doesn't love a big, fluffy pink boa????

Holy cuteness, right?

Again, they each had individual shots & then they were able to pick two friends.

This is one of my perfect little nuggets holding up a sign for Mother's Day! They each wrote a little message on this board (which hangs in my hubby's bathroom). 

And now for the grand finale....we went kinda nuts with our peace themed E.O.Y partaaaay!

 This was literally $3! It hung from our classroom ceiling & the pics turned out so adorable!

BLOGGER IS ACTING FUNKY....GRR! The first pic I ordered the hippie bus photo prop on Ebay & already had the tie dye tapestry hanging perfect!  
The second pic makes me a a lot little teary eyed. This was our very last classroom photo together. I made a copy for each student.

I took a picture of each student with their choice of props alone & with me. If their parents were there then they had their picture taken too...of course.
This picture can definitely be a back to school photo op! I might just do that if the weather is nice! I'm not to sure how they would feel lying on the ground the first day of school though...ha!
Human peace sign??? Yes, please! This was so last minute! I brought our custodian about 6 cupcakes in order for him to stand on our roof & take this pic! I.LOVE.IT! I have it hanging everywhere I go. I have one on my fridge, in my car, in my office, on my bathroom love with this photo!

If you don't follow me on INSTAGRAM, you should. I post pics immediately on there & I am kind of addicted....really? Like I need another thing to be addiction too! JEEZ! I am BTS shopping like a nutcase & post as I buy or create things. 

I hope I gave you some classroom photo ideas. If you use some of these photo ideas please link back to the inspiration :o) Happy Photo Opp--ing! Totally just made that word up! Peace!



  1. I love your photo ideas! For the 100th day of school, where did you find that adorable frame?

  2. I love all of those photo ideas! What a fun and memorable teacher you are for all these lucky kiddies!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

    1. I agree! Love your ideas and thank you for sharing them. I absolutely love getting pictures of my own children at school. Since I teach at a different school I miss out on a lot of events. :-(
      With that, I say "thank you" for reminding me that all parents love to see pictures of their children! BTW-I love your blog and Instagram pics! Have a wonderful year, and thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Great photos! The peace sign is SUPER adorable! I did some themed photos last year but it looks like I might have to up for this year! :)

    Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

  4. Wow!! Lots of great picture ideas. I especially like the Mother's Day board idea.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Connie Anderson
    Welcome To First Grade Room 5

  5. Love all of your photos! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  6. Love all of these! Do you have a classroom website? Just wondering if you do, if it's a "peace/groovy" themed one. My classroom theme is Groovy 2nd Graders.

  7. I love how much fun you have with teaching. I can really tell how you treasure your kiddos!
    Andrea :)

  8. Found you on Pinterest! Love all your photos! What great memories you're making for you students!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  9. LOVE all these ideas! Especially the chalk on the sidewalk for the first day of school!

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  11. CUTE ideas!! I also have a blog and take photos, but the theme and letters are even cuter!

    Please tell me where you bought the rug ( ...I have been searching for that one for awhile!!

  12. Love your photo booth pictures! Where do you get your props?

  13. So cute! Where did you get the chevron rug??


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  15. Did you tyedye the shirts at school, or did the kids bring them from home? Filled with ideas right now!!

  16. Did you have to get permission from school and/or parents' consent to post pictures online?

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