Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Blogger in Town!

i Everyone!  My name

is Cindy, from Cindy Sweeney’s Class. My mentor, Mel D, is allowing me to do a guest spot on her blog! 

I have been teaching for a long time.  I love technology and creating materials so
they fit just right with the students in my class.  I am always tweaking to make things better.   I’m sure you know what I am talking about. I teach kindergarten but started out teaching high school, spent seven years in middle school, and have been in elementary school since earning my masters degree.  I used to teach middle school students how to sew, so making things fit together and look appealing has always been important to me.  Many of those skills are ones I use to create materials for my current students.  I guess we all know that ya never stop learning.  Anyway, I have included some

free items so you can get an idea of what I do. I never spend money at the teacher store anymore; instead I create everything for my classroom myself.  I started out by creating an alphabet for above my chalkboard.  Then I made alphabet cards, then I coordinated nametags, and then coloring pages, and you get the idea.  I do go a little crazy.


The free alphabet chart for above your chalkboard, smartboard, whiteboard, or for your wordwall.

The alphabet cards that I use during RtI time and for tutoring students.

And the matching nametags for their desks. 

Oh, and I love teacher time savers.  Here is my stoplight behavior system.  I buy the little wooden cars from Michaels and I made the stoplight from foam poster board.  I have everything attached to my wall with Velcro and then when someone misbehaves, their car is moved to yellow…or red!  Yikes!  Anyway, I hand the actual notes to go home right on the wall too, so they are handy when the unfortunate moment arises.            

I am just getting started at blogging and presenting my materials, so please check back often.

Please head over to my
blog and give me some constructive feedback.
Thanks for reading my post.

Now you have a couple ways to save money in your classroom, whether that is in a school or in your living room.

Thank you Mel, for letting me visit with your followers!

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  1. Mel thank you for helping out new bloggers and all of us be better at our jobs. You are the sweetest!

    Teacher to the Core Blizz-ogg

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