Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tommy Shenanigan!

St. Patrick's Day Snack! So stinking cute! 
St. Patrick's Day photo shoot! You know how           I love props!
She cut the glasses out so she made the blog!
I have this Magna Doodle on the outside of this ugly orange door. I write where we are & special messages. They saw this when I brought them back from special. My aide & I were a little busy since this was VERY last minute. I was not prepared & I was all confused on when to celebrate. I even ordered a special shirt from TBA that I totally forgot to wear....WAH. Anywho, I created memories for my little nuggets & they had no idea how unprepared I was. Thanks to Marsha over at Differentiated Kindergarten for the leprechaun footprint directions. My aide & I went a little footprint CRA-CRA! We tipped desks and there was glitter EVERYWHERE.                                                Dear Custodian, paybacks are tough huh? I bet you won't be leaving a turd on my floor again.
Each of them got a cute little hat with gold coins hiding under it. They also got green beads to wear the rest of the day. I wrote a note from Tommy Shenanigan about what happened. He actually got caught in two leprechaun traps which happened to be two very dirty know the ones that look like there is a hole in it, scraps everywhere, pencils & crayons scattered about like their school box threw up. Well, they got their desks cleaned & got threatened to keep it clean.
Please excuse that hideous tile. Seriously, it is the ugliest thing I have every seen. Can't wait to get a brand new school next year! Here are some more footprint & glitter shots. We had about 20 footprints...not kidding.
Here is Bentley giving you a little wink. He thought daddy needed help fixing the printer so he snuck between his legs. That is why one of his many nicknames is "BIG HELP"...he is always right in the middle of any project going on.
More photo shoot pics. I take a single shot & then a shot with friends. They choose the props & the friends. They really love this!
This is one of my FAVORITE pics of my niece & Big B when he was a pup. I used to dress him for every single holiday & send out photo cards to everyone we knew.
Last weekend I was lucky enough to drive to meet all these lovely ladies. We sat & chatted for over 4 hours! I could not believe it! Every single one of them are the biggest sweethearts and are so into me. We probably could've talked all night but I had some shopping to do. Of course, we hit Ikea first thing! Spent way too much $$$ but I controlled myself. I talked myself out of a lot that I really didn't need. Before we drove home we hit an outlet mall that had a POTTERY BARN OUTLET......OH.MY.GOD! I was a total lunatic! I wish I would've drove a small semi. I wanted EVERYTHING. My next blog will be about my purchases but I have to take pics first. Stay tuned. In the meantime, stop by the following blogs to make sure you are following these fabulous bloggers!

Rebecca from Darlin' in First
made these adorable keepsakes of all the bloggers that were there. She even had chevron name tags for each of us! She is truly Darlin" in person!
These were so stinking cute! Can you tell we all love chevron!
I stole this one from Jodi @ Fun in First!

Michelle from Fabulous in First
Rebecca from Darlin' in First
Christi from Ms. Fultz's Corner
Jessica from Second Grade Nest
Amanda from One Extra Degree
Jodi from Fun in First!
Lisa from Fourth and Ten


  1. You are amazing and inspirational. I absolutely love the photos for St Patrick's Day that you have posted - how exciting and thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your leprechaun ;)
    It was SO great officially meeting you last weekend!!

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