Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I am participating in a SALE just for this weekend ONLY. 20% off.... which I NEVER do. Click on the graphic above to fill your basket cart!

Here is a sneak peek at my new unit. I am super uber proud of it! whole Spring Break was CONSUMED by this thing! Made a goal to get it done...I DID IT! HOLLA! I will be giving one away...which I practically am....on my FB page.
Introducing my Spring-a-licious ELA & Math Common Core Aligned Unit! Over 100 pages of sweat & some tears!  There are 6 Literacy & 6 Math centers with Common Core standards listed on each black & white accountability sheet & cover. 

A few other newer products..............

This game includes the following: Long A (a_e, -ay, -ai) word cards. Long E (ee, ea, ie, ey, y). Long I (i_e, igh, -y, -ie). Long O (o_e, oa, ow, oo, +). Long U (u_e, ew, ue, +). All the vowel cards are on look-alike Candy Land cards. You just need a game board and game pieces. Print out cards on card stock, laminate, cut and use for years to come! My kids LOVE this game! This can be used in a Work Work station in Daily 5 or as a literacy station. This can be used for your at risk, on-level, or advanced students depending on your grade level. This can be used in an RTI group or larger group depending on how many game boards you have. You can purchase the individual vowel games as well.

I will be separating the individual short vowels as well. I have a MASSIVE CL to do list for the summer. Since I started Daily 5 Math & Common Core this year I will be adding a TON of math Candy Land games. I have some that you can check out here. 

My best selling items are also on sale! I recently posted my second set that includes 65 coupons! 

Click on the picture above......there are over 1100 positive feedback comments! Love my customers! 1,156 are just the ones who left feedback! 

If you already purchased both sets I have something up my sleeve for these. I will add to BOTH of them & you can just download them again. I will NOT be changing any of the coupons so don't worry about printing those in advance, I'm just adding to this system. 

Here is a list of a TON of sellers participating in the sale this weekend! Happy shopping! 



  1. I absolutely love all of your products especially your Candy Land games! I’m so excited about these for next year. This is my first year to try Daily Five and these games will fit in perfectly. Thank you!


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