Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wake's time to shop..........

I'm still waiting for the hubs to to wake me up & say I right??? Did this ever happen to you? If so, I'm super uber jealous!

Anyway, with some extra cash I make on TPT I put it right back into my TPT cart & it is LOADED my friends! I decided last year to get rid of all my resource books & go digital...completely. Most of what I use I can easily pull up within seconds & it saves paper at the same time! I'm going green friends!

This is what education has come to, in my world at least. I started purchasing from various online sites several years ago to build my collection. If I had a resource book from Scholastic I would purchase the same or updated version when they have their $1 ebook sale & replace the ones I have & purchase new ones as well.

& I was hooked...........HOOKED! Here is a screenshot of how many items I have purchased! 

Yes, friends! I have purchased 551 products & that doesn't even include the 20+ products in my cart! 
You'll hear it here first..........My name is Mel D & I am a TPT-aholic. Where do I sign up for the 12 step program????????
I use our reading series (Reading Street) & completely hate dislike our math starts with an "E" and ends with an "N". Ok, ok it's Envision! Sorry any Envision readers but I have to supplement EVERYTHING!!!! I think me & some of my blogging buddies need to start writing curriculum! 

I wanted to let you all know some of the items in my TPT cart....

These fabulous math centers are created my Donna Glynn from Kinderglynn! I absolutely adore her stuff! You need to check out her monthly success kits as well! They are massive! Click on any picture to load up your cart. 

I started using Jodi's fluency packets last year & fell in love. I usually send them home for homework but I also use them during RTI a few times a week. I love everything she makes! 

I can't wait to purchase Caitlin's Christmas themed math & literacy centers...her stuff is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Some of my kiddos need some major help with sight words during small groups in Daily 5 and during RTI. I am using Amanda's sight word match and a few others as well.

This sight word fun I-Spy pack is from Marsha @ Differentiated, love, love her stuff! 

 These sight word centers from Krystal from Kreative in Kinder have 55 themes! I can't wait to start using these! I just love everything she makes!

I have had Tammy's posters & a ton more of her items in my wishlist! I saw she finally bundled these posters together & they are so colorful for my little learners! I am also obsessed with her monthly writing & word work packets & my kids are obsessed with her dice games!

I am BEYOND OBSESSED with Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle! Where has she been all my life....ha! Seriously she never disappoints with anything I purchase from her! I started buying her busy teacher's best friend units.....OOOOO..MMMMM..GGGGGG! I AM SMITTEN! 

Now to shamelessly promote my new unit.............ELF ON THE SHELF COMMON CORE UNIT!!!!! 
Check out my students using this unit in action here! I am very proud and exciting about this unit! Stop back in visit as my class is introduced to Elf on the Shelf this year!!!

I also have my reward coupons on sale along with everything else in my store. There are 55 different coupons & more will be added! Once you purchase them you can reload as I fulfill requests for more coupons. I have a list of at least 20 to finish. 

I also have over 70+ Candy Land games for each skill K-2! I use them daily during Daily 5, RTI & Daily 5 math. Click on the link above that says "Candy Land" to see all the different games available. My students are obsessed and I have received so many compliments about these games! I have a list of those I am making as well. If there were only more hours in a day...............



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