Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Linky Party!

Whether you are a teacher, mother or not even a mother (like me) & are into the Elf on the Shelf need to link up sista! I have been plotting all year & can't wait to introduce my students to our elf tomorrow. 

Raise your hand if your students are already CRA-CRA & it's not even D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R! I'm going to whip out that little elf early this year. The hubs is wrapping the package now & it will be put into the freezer tonight. I'm going to freeze his little butt!

I ripped his hands apart last year to give him some more flexibility...I have some major plans for my little Mexican friend. Mexican, you ask??? Yes, when I sent my mom on a wild goose chase last year looking for an elf she bought me a Mexican elf. No biggie, Mel D is 1/2 taco so I am allowed to talk about my Mexican elf named Juan....I'm kidding we didn't even name him yet this year. 
I feel bad talking about my mom but she is one of those ladies that NEVER has her readers anywhere in sight & has about 535 pairs. Anyway, she didn't even notice, I didn't even notice. I am so observant. Did I ever tell you she got me a communion card for my birthday....last year. 

We had so much fun in my classroom last year with our classroom elf. We named him "Elfie". Elfie saved my sanity and my students for the month of December.

Here are some photos from my classroom last year. 

I seriously crack myself up. I have no idea where I come up with this stuff but it's so much fun & I am providing such great memories for these the same time it's my magical December classroom management trick. 

Here is our frozen box from the North Pole!

Next we have to vote on a name. Leonardo
 Here is a student writing a letter to Santa that Elfie will deliver. I made all sorts of Elf on the Shelf activities for FREE here! Follow me while you are there.

This is how I incorporated the skirt. Even Elfie has to accessorize. He turned into "Elfina" for a day! 

 Look at that little notepad & pencil! Guess who made that???? The hubs!

 You can see just how little this is! I am obsessed with anything miniature!

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made it out of clay....and when.....I'm stuck. I did have the Dreidel song playing on the smartboard. You can find anything on YouTube!

 Elfina with a note that says "I'm watching you!"

 Elfina needs a nap after all the chaos going on in the classroom!

 Elfina having a snowball fight with The Grinch!

 Elfie and penguin chillaxin under the tree having a tea party. 

This was hysterical! I saw I had a message while they were in Gym...perfecto!

Hanging upside down on one of our pop-poms. I had a miniature notepad & a pencil made out of a toothpick with him.

Hey, first grader! What is the learning objective???? You better know it so the teacher doesn't get written up! I'm sorry but my students can't even say the word OBJECTIVE! 

This is my whole class bucket filler bucket. I like to call the styrofoam peanuts "nuggets" because...well I love that word!

Elfie is hanging from the classroom beads...ha!

He was found playing around with the warm fuzzies quite a bit! He would take & give them too!

Elfie decided to hangout on the boggle board...tee hee!

Zip-lining across the classroom!
I have this easy button from Staples on my computer tower. After they pass an AR test they get to press the button....they love this! I put books all over the floor & signed in AR & was in the middle of a test when they walked in.

Elfie got into the boy indoor recess shelf. He had a dino fight with the creepy little man. Notice the familiar spectators??

Now he got into the girl indoor recess shelf & took a ride in the Barbie car.

He was found behind the lava took them forever to find him! I wrote a note that said "Just chillaxin. Peace Out, Elfie."

Elfie filled a bucket!

This was fun! I had a busy body that is right next to this computer & she is the first one who spotted it!

Elfie was hanging onto the Grinch's back...they were on a scooter!!!! I told them he was trying to stop the Grinch from riding to the North Pole & telling on them.

I had the "Mexican Hat Dance" playing on the smartboard for this

Elfie was multitasking in the Barbie kitchen. I left a note that he was trying to impress his new girlfriend & whipping up an elftastic meal.

This happened after a doozy of a morning....I think there might've been a full moon out...ha!

It took them forever to find him in the crate seat! I told them well he must still be at the North Pole reporting to Santa....hmmm he must have a lot to tell him!

Elfie picked "Read to Self" for Daily 5!

Sitting on the reading buddy shelf!

 Reading the famous "Interrupting Chicken" to Pete the Cat & SkippyJonJones. I told the kids they must have been being chickens like they A little girl said "I hope they turned in a fuzzy for being a chicken!"

Elfie was found playing my addition fact Candy Land game

 You know how this is! We all have nasty little nose pickers! 
Thank you Teacher Wife for the perfect sign!

 This is our community crayon bin. I took the crayons out of the tub he is in & threw them everywhere!

 Elfie decided to change the lunch menu!

The students found their jobs & pictures all turned upside down! Boy, did they giggle! 
Elfie wearing the bucket filler necklace!

This note, a sombrero & a maraca was attached to the smartboard while Feliz Navidad was playing. We are getting closer to break now......sigh. 
This is my teammate, she is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! YES, she is dressed up as an elf! I actually taped her but I didn't want her to kill me if I put that on here. We wrote each student's name on the scroll & she said something to each one of them. For example, "Ellie, girl.... you need to stop talking!", "Sam, keep taking those AR tests", "Brayden, do you want coal... boy?"
I have never laughed so hard! It was the best part of this whole Elf on the Shelf fun! The expression on the kids face was priceless!

The following is the Shelf Elf Common Core Literacy & Math Unit! I am super jazzed about this unit! 

In this unit there are 5 Literacy & 5 Math centers! Check it out by clicking on any picture. 

I have a feeling the elf craze is going to explode this year! I'm glad I have been plotting new elf escapades for this school year. What are you planning on doing?? Is this your first year??? Now is your chance to share your ideas with other elf addicts.

You don't have to be a blogger to join in on the fun. If you have some really different elf ideas to share leave us a comment below. If you do have a blog....teaching blog or not....please start taking pictures & join in on the fun. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with during December.

The authors of this book really need to be giving this away to teachers because we are all promoting it...for free...and getting all of our classroom parents to purchase it to use at home. This is ALL.MY.KIDS.TALKED.ABOUT.ALL.THE.TIME. The parents loved that I took the time to do this & create wonderful memories for their children.

If you link up please grab the following button & link it back to me. If you have a blog from last it up.

I will be taking new pictures this year & will be adding our elfcapades to this post. Happy Elfing!