Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Treats for Our Sweets!

I am so excited to be participating with my FREEBIELICIOUS FRIENDS! We are all providing you with some fabulous freebies while trick-or-treating through our blogs. 

This week I am working on Author's Purpose which I have always struggled teaching this concept to my little nuggets. 

My students absolutely LOVE when I read to them. They are in a trance & I have 100% of their attention any time I read to them. I have been tying in a lot of concepts with trade books & it really seems to be helping. 

These are the books I used to teach Author's Purpose. 

This book is ABSOLUTELY H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! I wouldn't expect anything less from Jerry Seinfeld. I picked this gem up at a garage sale! I love reading it & being ALL DRAMATIC...I should tape myself for you! This book is a MUST for Halloween. 

 After reading the book I have the students fill out the above graphic organizer....which can be used with any book...BTW.
 The next day I had them think about the story and told them a few of my personal stories and even wrote a few similar to the book. I totally remember many parts of the book when growing up & going trick-or-treating. I double sided the above & the below page together. I also indicated which Common Core standard this covers (1.W.3, 1.W.5, 1.W.6).

I included the above sheet that I use with my kiddos while in Daily 5. It never fails they ALWAYS forget to capitalize & add drives me nuts! 

This is the next book which I have NEVER read but heard it was great to connect with Author's Purpose. Oh.My.Word! It is a tear jerker! The author, Patricia Polacco, wrote the story about a little girl who struggles with dyslexia until one teacher, Mr. Falker, changed her life. It's such a touching story! I borrowed it from our school library but I must have my own copy.

Picture this..........
I'm finishing this story when my NEW principal walks in for an unannounced short observation. My voice began to shake & I started stumbling over my words. Did you ever see Meet the Parents????? Do you see where I'm going???? Try saying Mr. Falker & you'll know what I'm talking about.
Don't let this happen to you.........

 This book can not only go with Author's Purpose, you can also discuss bullying & bucket dipping. I had my students fill the above sheet out & each one of them discussed what they wrote and drew. Then after everyone was finished I had them crumble up their paper & did the crumpled paper lesson. I'm not too sure where this originated from since it's all over the internet. Basically, you have the students crumble up the paper, stomp on it, really mess it up. Then you have the students try to straighten it out but they will still see how destroyed it is. Then the students need to tell the paper they are sorry. Point out that the paper is still destroyed even though they apologized. All the scars (wrinkles) are still left behind. Those scars will never go away no matter what they do to fix it. Then you explain that is what happens when you are bullied by someone. The teacher may make them say they are sorry but the feelings inside will be there forever. The message really hits home & once you do the lesson you can always remind them of it throughout the year when things happen.  
The above page was given as an Author's Purpose assessment.
Click on any pic to grab your Author's Purpose freebie.

Keep on trick-or-treating & stop by & see Tammy.............

Live Love Laugh


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Exciting News!

Here is our new blog! Please go follow us. You won't want to miss any FREEBIES!

Here are the SWEET authors that will be contributing!

Kreative in Kinder

Mrs. Miner's kindergarten monkey business
Little Miss Kindergarten

Kindergarten Lifestyle

Kindergarten Smiles

First Grade Blue Skies

Sharing Kindergarten 

We are super excited about this. We will be adding new authors in the next few days! Make sure you visit us often.

Now, for your first FREEBIE!! Head on over to FREEBIELICIOUS to grab your FREE "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid Of Anything-Number Sense" It includes:number cards, ten frames, and tally marks!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween cuteness! Check out what I made!

I was so fortunate to be able to review the Silhouette Cameo. Let me just say.....I'M OBSESSED! My head is ready to pop off because it's EXPLODING with ideas! This was actually on my Christmas list since I start making it in Not Kidding (insert Chandler Bing voice). 

Get this my friends! Did you know they have an educator discount???? Um, H.E.L.L.O! I had no idea! Click the following link to apply for your own 20% discount! Holy Mama...what a discount! At least this company recognizes our hard work! 

Now let's get back to my spooktacular projects! I'm super stoked to show them off. Feel free to pin peeps. 

This first project is for my classroom library. I purchased the tub at Big Lots for $2 & got some ribbon & black vinyl. I am going to make a bin for my classroom library for each holiday! It's sooooo adorable!

This would be a great idea to personalize these baskets for Easter or even birthday gifts! 

I admit I was a little scared at first to use this. When I'm not familiar with something I tend to shy away. The hubs went mountain biking so I had some time to play around. It took me NO TIME AT ALL to get the hang of this machine. It's so user friendly & the directions are very cut and dry & super easy to follow.

I wanted to show you some items I made for home & school. The spooky tree silhouette I found online for free. I give you a better few of the ''EEK'' pumpkin below. 

Holy cuteness, right??? I used the "Ravie" font for this & LOVE it! Can you tell I am super into polka dots too! The big scary on top is from Dollar Tree.

Here is a HUGE martini glass I found in our bar. I put vinyl that says "Spooky Snacks" on it. The eyeballs & severed body parts (Eew) came from Dollar Tree. 
We are having a Halloween bash at our new home so I am grabbing everything that isn't nailed down & labeling it! Hubs came home & I was putting vinyl on the mailbox! I am planning on ordering vinyl in BULK....I'm obsessed!

I made the mistake of putting it on the hearth to take a picture...walked away & look what Big Boy was doing! He doesn't miss a fart, I swear.

This is one of my favorite most used project. Yes, I love Coors Light & yes I teach, so therefore, I drink! The stache glass is for the hubs. He actually thought he was going to grow a mustache...I think not. This is his mustache.

My project is in my classroom. This craft pumpkin was just laying around collecting dust so I slapped some letters on it....waa-laa!

This is on our hearth at home. My mom had a bunch of these craft pumpkins that she purchased for dirt cheap last year so I helped myself. The pumpkin came black. I could only find green vinyl but it looks so good on just POPS!

Finally this is for home and school. We do a really fun project with the kids the day of their Halloween party at school. This is a BIG cauldron I purchased at Menards for $8. I added "Witches Brew" for the FULL EFFECT. I have a 24 page FREEBIE witches brew packet in my TPT STORE. Go grab it HERE. The kids had so much fun & created wonderful memories for them at the same time. 

Here are some pictures from last Halloween. 

Now check out Silhouette's Educator discount HERE and have some fun! 

You might want to follow my Silhouette Pinterest will see for yourself how OBSESSED I am. 

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