Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Peace Themed Classroom & BTS Sale!

                                                          CALENDAR BEFORE
                                                   CALENDAR AFTER......LOVE!
 This pocket chart is from my favorite store Lakeshore Learning. The number cards are standard calendar size. I also made the months, days & season cards in English & Spanish. Click on the pic above to grab this 60 page calendar set. There is a TON of stuff included in this set...just read the description and download the preview. The graphics and backgrounds in this set are so bright, colorful & fabulous! I am truly obsessed.....peace stuff has even spilled over to EVERY room in our house! I think I was a hippie in a former life....yeah this life! I would say more like a "princess hippie"
 These #'s ARE NOT included in the calendar set but you can grab them for free @ Ginger Snaps. The analog & digital templates are included. I laminated them & will use a Vis-a-Vis marker to draw in the hands and digital time.
 We will play with numbers all sorts of ways with this! Tally marks, place value, counting, sequencing, etc. You can even use a dry-erase board....I velcro anything to everything! 
 I included 48 special day cards with graphics. All U.S. holidays, class party, happy birthday, seasons, breaks, etc. I actually printed a few copies of these & am putting them in a pocket chart in the writing center....SCORE! Writing topics!!!!

This is our Accelerated Reader (AR) point tracker. I absolutely LOVE AR & my kids become obsessed.....crazy obsessed with taking AR tests. I will have monthly contests & assign a certain amount of points depending on the student. Then, I fill up a Smencil container with all sorts of goodies! For every test they take they get to put their initials on a scrap piece of paper. They soon realize the more tests they take the better their chance is of winning! I bought so much peace stuff for 88 cents to fill one boy container & one girl container for every month! This AR tracker can be used monthly or however you keep track. I know this will be such a motivator to move their clip down. I put the points up to 30+ with blank cards to fill in your own numbers. Click on the picture above to check it out!

I used to have my students put their name on the board. They were not to go past #10. As each child took a test they pushed the Staples "EASY" button & went to erase their name. Never failed....I would always get those sneaky ones that would erase someone else's name just so they can skip them! I tried so many different ways to do this but they always ended up fighting over who was next. I made this peace themed AR line. This is a pocket chart from Lakeshore...of course.  The extra  numbers are in the pocket. As they take a test they will move their number down into the pocket. I made #'s to 32. I would hope anyone doesn't have more than 32 students! If you do let me know. These numbers can also be used to label book bins, cubbies, desks, stations, etc.
 I am obsessed with this new bulletin board...obsessed. Any teacher that walked by my room I dragged them in to show it off. So proud of it! Guess where the pocket chart is from??? In the first quarter I will include all letters to make the words until they get used to it. I used a version of this towards the end of last year. I included four different sheets with a 4x4 & 5x5 grid. I will use this as a time filler or early finisher activity & during D5 word work. This can be used in a portable pocket chart as well. I hope you like it as much as I do! Click on the picture to check it out.
 I had to slip this in here.....I know I need to be stopped. Something is seriously wrong with me. I am self diagnosing myself with peace sign OCD. Sadly this is not everything I bought. I found four more bags hiding under the dog's bed & had more in my trunk! Oh, there are two clipboard sets with stationary somewhere in my closet. All I remember is my hubby pulling in RIGHT after I got home & I threw it in there to hide We were in Walmart yesterday because I needed some more peace themed fabric. I found myself needing a xanax in the school supply aisle & he said "I'll be in electronics!" He doesn't do well when it's back to school time. Everything came from Big Lots, Target, Walmart & Michael's.
STOP! This turned out so freaking cute I can't stand it! It will spell out Peace, Love, First Grade. I am in love! I will tie this all together when finished & it will go all the way across my room. Who started this banner obsession of mine anyway??? I wanted to make one for above my bed & hubs said I am making 3 for the dogs (Bentley, Java & Olive) & it will be proudly displayed in their bedroom. Yes, they have a bedroom. Click on the picture above to grab this cuteness. I also made a different one that says "Welcome To First Grade". Check it out HERE. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A DIFFERENT GRADE LEVEL JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL & I WILL WORK ON IT.
 This is my side table my aide works at with small groups. I am planning on making more peace crate seats to go around this table. Notice the groovy lava lamps in the background????
 I made some additional necklaces for my students this year. I bought these magnet clips 4 for 88 cents @ Walmart. It looks so cute & it will be so easy for them or me to go grab them. Click on the picture above to go straight to the peace themed character education necklaces. I am doing the same thing with my student recognition necklaces below.
These have been extremely popular! That is why I had to make more! My students were beyond obsessed with these necklaces & were so proud when they got one. The parent's loved them as well! I made four separate files of these so you can pick & choose which ones fit in your classroom. When you are in my TPT STORE make sure you look at the four different files.

This tie dye tapestry came from a little hippie shop in Chi-town. It totally pulls the room together.
 This is my peace themed word wall. I did change the vowels to a different color in the file. Click on the pic above to grab your peace themed word wall headers!
 These are my peace themed rules! Click on the pic to check them out!
 I made this last year. It took me no time at all! I just used shipping & mailing labels & stuck them directly on the drawers.
 This is what my behavior clip chart looks like. I made a newer version that is in my store. There is a monthly behavior calendar that is included.
 This is my kidney table covered with peace fabric from Walmart. I hide soooo much under this! It's so embarrassing! But at least it's out of view now.
The signs above the buckets are from Party City. I actually bought them to cover up the ugliness above. So glad we are getting a new school next year!
 I made these last year as well. I bought the clipboards at Walmart for $1! I have also seen them at Dollar Tree not too long ago. I modge-podged this tie-dye scrapbook paper onto the clipboards. I display their monthly writings on these.
 This is my peace themed classroom jobs! My students LOVE their jobs & it makes them so much more responsible & saves me a lot of time. Click on the pic to grab your own set.
My peace themed crate seats! That bulletin board was from last year. Unfortunately when I arrived at school last week they had moved these & all the letters & flowers are toast.....GRR! This just made me rearrange my room....once again.
 This bean bag was from Meier last year. I also have a container for each student for their extra supplies. You can't see it in the pic but they are peace themed.
 We started using C.H.A.M.P.S last year. Click on the pic to grab you peace themed champs sign!
This is my D5 board.......honestly it's a little too busy so I think I'm going to change it.
 Click on the pic to check out my peace themed table names!
This is my new peace themed voice level clip chart. I made a little sign last year & it just didn't work out too well. They needed a larger visual. I included arrows to use as well. I have it on my front dry erase board. I placed a magnetic strip on the back & will move it to the appropriate voice level. Click on the picture above to grab yours!
My students LOVED this rainbow retreat with the peace pod at the bottom! They had to give me a coupon in order to sit in it. I also had to make my own clipboard & I velcroed it right the the cement wall by the door. I place change of transportation notes here. 
Speaking of coupons.....these are in the TOP 5 on TPT! I could not believe it when I saw it! So excited about all the children all over the world that will be introduced to this system! This is also saving thousands of teacher's money! NO MORE TREASURE BOX! I have received several requests to add more & I will but I'm starting school Tuesday & I'm going INSANE trying to keep up with everything. Once you buy it you can redownload when I add more! Grab it while it's on sale peeps!
Here is my proof! I think I am going to frame this! 
Yee haw! 

 I included 90 different schedule cards for anything you would possibly have in your schedule! Originally I was going to put this in a schedule pocket chart but I think I am going to use this in conjunction with the peace themed CCSS I am working on. I will post pics after I am finished. 
For the next two days everthing....EVERYTHING in my store will be 28% off! I am going to be broke after this sale is over friends. I have over 60 items in my cart! 
Here are a few things I posted several weeks ago that I never blogged about. I bundled the Candy Land games for 1 & 2 that go with Scott Foresman, Houghton Mifflin, & Treasures!!!!! You save OVER 40% if you buy the bundle instead of the individual games by unit. Click on the pics below to grab the bundles!  All of my Candy Land games are listed on this page! Simply click on the individual pics to go directly there.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magical Product Swap


I am honored to be reviewing one of my favorite products by Kelly from Teacher Idea Factory.
Jessica Stanford from Mrs. Stanford's Class came up with this brilliant idea! Check out her blog to check out all of the fabulous product reviews! 
Genius I tell you! I wish I would of thought of this! I have so many ideas of what I want to do with this starting in August! Kelly incorporated Writing, Technology, Social Studies and so much more in this 77 page packet! 
There are so many ways you can use this to help your students with writing and have fun at the same time. Kelly is setting up a pen pal exchange that will be opening soon.....can't wait! In her packet she has clear directions on how to set up an exchange with another class in your grade level. It's so easy to swap class lists & pair up students via email!

I am also going to do this with another class within my school. I'm not sure if I will do 1st or 2nd grade. This is going to be so exciting for them & it will help meet our writing standards at the same time...YEE HAW! 

I will start out with a questionnaire exchange in the beginning of the year so the paired students can get to know each other right away. We will write back and forth about once a month. The first month can be an all about me type friendly letter. After that you can incorporate some information about where we live, our school, family, holidays, seasons, celebrations & communities. The possibilities are endless. I can totally see my girls talking about Justin Bieber and peace signs. I will also send a first day of school photo with their first letter. 

Kelly includes all sorts of templates for friendly letters, 411 (first, then, next, last), Let Me Show You (letter about school projects/activities), postcards, favorite recipe, & MONTHLY templates! I can't even think of anything to add to this wide selection. Kelly added various versions of each writing template so this can be used in all elementary grade levels. 
 I will use the top monthly template for my firsties. Older children can use the template below.

 Here is a sample of the friendly letter label lesson that is provided.
This is some examples of decorated envelopes! How fun is this! I can see the excitement on their faces when I say "You've got mail"! 

Need help with Social Studies integration???? How about this! 

What a great way to incorporate directionality & mapping skills! 

Last year I participated in a postcard exchange which I am doing again. I will order extra postcards from Vistaprint to send our pen pals a card! I also would skype with other classrooms all over the world. I plan on doing this as well as long as our pen pals have a web cam. Wouldn't it be fun to show off projects, plays or even read to each other. 

I'm thinking our writing will be done together at first. Once I introduce "Work on Writing" in Daily 5 we can do our pen pal writing then. I just know this will be a favorite center! 

Follow Kelly's blog here!

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