Monday, July 16, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 5 Book Study

 On day 1 of Read to Someone I introduce the concept of "EEK". We also demonstrate the right and wrong way to Read to Someone. Click on any D5 pics below to grab your FREEBIE Read to Someone & Listen to Reading packet.

 After you are done modeling this you proceed to discuss the various ways to Read to Someone.


One student reads a page or two & then their partner reads. Some really awesome books that our HSA bought for us.

Partners read the same page or section at the same time.


One book is shared between the partners. I use the following books for this as well. 


These two little cuties are reading the "You Read to Me, I'll Read to You" books.                               



Here is a basket I kept full of double books. I would eventually rotate them all out @ semester.

Here are some poetry binders I put together 3rd quarter. I bought loads of poetry books & plays from Scholastic when they have the $1 sale. I can't even say what their favorite was but they really enjoyed all the choices and I continuously had students choose Read to Someone. One of their all time favorite spots to go.

 Here are two boys in Read to Someone playing Roll and Read by Ashley from First Grade Brain. They go with the Scott Foresman Reading Series and are fabulous!

If you have been following this book study then you know that I use stamina graphs for each part of D5 that I introduce. When we go to D5 at this point after we practice, model, & practice some more they are two choices Read to Self & Read to Someone. Since I just made the following necklaces I will look for good models during each & pass out the following necklaces.  

My students will be obsessed with these..I just know it & what a motivator!

 This is a poster I go over to demonstrate what Read to Someone should look like. You always want to keep these anchor charts on hand because if they break stamina you will group them together & go over the chart again.

You just never know if you are going to have little stinkers that will break stamina & the above is an accountability sheet will help keep them busy the whole time. You will have some students that will keep choosing the same partners. If they choose to break stamina over time then I would give them this sheet to keep them busy & focused.

This is something you want to address immediately. I personally use this next pic to model where their voice levels should be.

I used a much smaller paper last year & it just didn't provide the visual that I needed like this does. This can be purchased from my TPT STORE HERE. 

I would go over the above list and give them examples of how to check for understanding. This takes a whole lot of modeling & practice.

of Read to Someone is teaching the students how to help each other
while they read. You teach them if they are reading & their partner
is stuck on a word to silently count to 3 in their heads & then ask
"Would you like time or coaching?" Then they refer to the coaching
strategies I taught them.

1. What strategy have you used?

2. Go back and reread.

3. Skip the word and come back.

4. Chunk sounds together.

5. What word could fit here?

 This is a classroom reading hut my dad built me. I used to decorate it for EVERY season & the kids LOVED it! I had a super wild class MANY one year & three boys were wrestling during indoor recess & flew through the wall of it. It was burlap! Anyway, my principal at the time was picking on me towards the end of the year & made me take it down. My dad even offered to buy rollers for it so the janitors can slide it easily when they SUPPOSEDLY were cleaning my room over the summer. So sadly I took it down & never put it back up. It's unfortunate that having a power trip ruined it for my kids :o(


Here are two of my cutie patooties during Read to Someone. This is one of their favorite spots to sit. I don't have restrictions where they sit, I provide them with a choice. I have lots of fun & funky chairs for them to sit in.
Here are a few areas they love! 

First we discuss what Listen to Reading should look like in our classroom. I show & demonstrate how to handle all the equipment properly.

I have an OBSCENE amount of books on cd (from Scholastic points) that I use for this part of D5. I also wrote a grant several years ago for a wireless listening center & cd books from Lakeshore.

The wireless listening center gives my students the ability to move around...let's just say if they forget their pencil....they can get up go to their desk & still be listening to the story. 

 Here is the accountability sheet I use the first quarter. It's simple for them to fill out. I change sheets every quarter depending on what we are focusing on.

All my books in my classroom are Accelerated Reader (AR) books. After my students are done reading and filling out their sheets I let them take AR tests on the books they read from Read to Self, Read to Someone, & Listen to Reading. This is a great motivator! If your school doesn't use AR you should approach your PTA to get it funded. You can find out about it at Renaissance Learning. Talk about checking for understanding.....this is your proof if they understood what they read. Below is a picture of my new Peace Themed AR Point Tracker.

This turned out so stinkin cute I can't stand it! I'm so excited to use it in my room this year. I keep track of my student's AR points on a monthly basis. We have big blow outs @ the end of the month to celebrate those that obtained their points. Each student will have a clothes pin with their name on it & just move it down as they pass tests. This chart is in increments of 2-30+ with blank cards to fill in your own numbers. You can click the pic above to see this gem in my store.


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  1. Thank you for the informational and wonderful post! You have posted many great ideas and helpful resources for Read to Someone! I enjoyed looking at the pictures and found them motivating and cute! Thank you for the Freebies; I did click Pin It! If you haven't seen my Blog, please check it out :>)

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    A Passion For Primary

  3. Thanks for the shout out! You've done amazing things with Daily 5. Way to go!! What an awesome inspiration! :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I hope to start the Daily 5 this year, but I have to admit, I'm a little nervous! Could you please share with me how to spend so much time introducing and practice the 5 parts but also teach your weekly stories? Plus do you have a management system where you kids make their selections?
    Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!!

  5. THis is GREAT! Thank you so much for these wonderful resources!!

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