Friday, July 6, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 4 Book Study & a TON of freebies!

I start out the D5 by going over 3 ways to read a book. I will use the following digital anchor chart to explain this concept. 

I have all kinds of reading levels mixed into one class as many of you do. Until I know their reading levels I demonstrate the 3 different ways to read a book. This makes the ones that are struggling more confident to actually attempt to read. 
The sisters suggest demonstrating how to read the pictures & read the words on day one. The next day you will demonstrate how to retell the story that was read the day before. You want to chose a book where the pictures closely math the words. 
On the second day we will go over the 3 ways to read & also the above chart. I will demonstrate the right & wrong way to act during "Read to Self". Providing a visual of the right & wrong model is key. I also through in a lot of dramatic praise when I see improvement in stamina.
This is a picture I will show my future students of "Read to Self". The whole class was in "Read to Self" were doing a wonderful job reading the three different ways. As they were in "Read to Self" for the first time I set our stamina timer & then we tracked our progress daily. 
As we would add more minutes daily they would get really excited! This year I will be handing out the stamina necklaces & coupons when I see great or poor stamina building.

After each day of building our stamina in "Read to Self" we come together as a group to discuss what went wrong & also would discuss what went right. We would make a goal of where we wanted to be & usually I would add minutes daily until they reached 20 minutes. After we reached our goal I introduced the next part "Read to Someone".  

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We have AR (Accelerated Reader) at our school & the kids LOVE IT! I keep track of their points with the following Groovy AR Point Tracker. Passing AR tests is very exciting for my littles & they love seeing their clothespin go down as they gain more points!

It's set up something like my voice level signs above which I also use if they get too loud & break stamina. Click on any picture to go check them out!  

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  1. I do exactly as you do in our daily 5. I guess I struggle with how many times do you practice read to self as you get started? I feel I always have my 20-30 minute read to self block (in the beginning of the school year) but how many times a day would you all practice the stamina with the lower minutes? Does that make since?

  2. Thanks for all the freebies! I love your stamina chart! I so wish I could come to the blog meet--I am also from northern Illinois. I will be at music camp with my kids--hopefully getting lots of really good ideas. Thanks for starting off the blog hop--and I hope you have felt some peace with your nephews death. I am sure it will hurt for many years to come.

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