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Classroom Management Reward Coupons...CONTINUED

 And the obsession continues....................
 We are up to 55 DIFFERENT coupons!! I can't wait to show my students from last year my NEW coupons! I actually had some help from my niece, Skye, who is going into 3rd grade. I also got help from some of my BFF's children who are school-aged. Honestly, I would never have thought this many things would float their boat! I started out with the container below...see post here. I now have enough coupons to change them out every quarter! I can't tell you how excited I am for my kiddos! If my class is ANYTHING like the class I had last year I will probably be making more. I think I just had a mini heart attack thinking about them & I can feel a grey hair growing. They about sent me off to the looney bin last year. That is why I knew I had to change up my rountine & fast! I CAN'T offer these for FREE because of the amount of graphics that are on these. The TOU'S (Terms of Use) from some of the graphic artists will not allow me to give them for free. I promise you, they are worth every cent!
Here are some of my new coupons.................
I have had loads of requests & I will take more requests & add them to this file. I have TONS of comfy seats in my classroom & I'm sure you do too! This coupon can be used by multiple students in a day.....especially those that have the wiggly jigglies!

And here is one for your little nuggets that have cotton mouth ALL.DAY.LONG. I use hand signals & three fingers=drink. Well, you know you have certain irritating annoying littles that have three fingers up every time I look at them. This will save me some irritation.
The electrician coupon will eliminate them tackling each other to turn something on or off. They just love getting out of their seat to turn on/off the lights, turn on/off the Smartboard, turn on/off the computers, be in charge of the listening center, ipads or ipods & the electrician can even grab your cell phone for you!
This coupon is for our lunch helper. They can pick someone to carry our home lunch basket! Our janitor even lets them help with the garbage during lunch! Why do they like this? ICK! They can even help their friends opening their milk of any other food items. 
They are going to LOVE this! Especially since they are split up from their friends from last year. We have 6 classes! They will LOVE to go into other classrooms for indoor recess...what fun! 
Are you a morning person? I.AM.NOT! In fact it's morning by the time I fall the summer at least. You know you have those students that just do not get enough sleep & are half asleep when they get to school. When their feeling lazy they can give me this coupon & draw instead! They will love this! Who likes morning work? I know, we do! 
 I can't even tell you how many times I was asked....."Can someone go with me to the nurse?" Like it's the first time they were in the school! I would say "NO!" before they even finished their sentence. All my kiddos LOVE going to see the nurse....she is too nice to them...she calls them "pumpkins". This will give my little friends a chance to take a walk with their know to make sure they get there all right & everything ;o)
My students become just as OBSESSED with school supplies as I am. I get some fun & funky pens for them to use during D5.....two stone???
IDK about you but I take pics CONSTANTLY! I also have a classroom blog & post pics for the parents weekly. Who says I have to be the only one to take the pictures?? I show them how to use the camera & most of the time the pics turn out great! If they dont....DELETE. No biggie...they won't even know.
We usually hold 1-2 pj days in our grade level a year. They ask for it ALL.THE.TIME because they just love it! I just know this coupon will be super popular with them. Maybe I should mess with them & show up in pjs....not kidding.
Don't you just love listening to them say the pledge???? They all start and end at different times & it just makes me giggle. Even though its really cute they need to learn to stick together & the pledge leader will lead us in the pledge for the day.
Go green! I hope you recycle in your classroom! My kids are so "green" by the time they leave my classroom the parent's hate me. The hubs & I recycle way more than we throw away. I am HUGELY into recycling. This reflects on my students when they gasp if they see a piece of paper in the trash! Trust's a HUGE deal! My recycler will be in charge of making sure everything that belongs in the recycling container makes it in there without gasping interruptions. They will also pick a friend to take the bin down at the end of the day.
For most of the morning or when I am testing (which is NONSTOP) I am wearing a tiara. Well, they get jealous. I always get the cutie patootie crowns from Lakeshore every year. They can hand me a coupon to wear a crown for the day. I will also look at the Dollar Tree for crowns for girls & boys.
This can be used for so many things. We have a student council rep in each classroom but we do not have a class president. I might have them make a speech while their president for the day ;o) 
I don't have the time to put stickers or stamps on each paper but the kids love it! I have so many stickers I don't even know what to do with them! I do use them for sticker stories but I will also let them add stickers to all their papers with this coupon.
You know you always have students that are obsessed with being a teacher when they grow up...especially the girls. I'm always giving my girls stuff to play "school" with at home. I will let them help me with a lesson that they are very familiar with. They will get a kick out of this! I will also make sure & snap a picture of them while they are being a teacher for my class blog.....HOLY CUTENESS!
I have so many chairs around my room it's sickening. It never fails they always want to sit in them! I caught them so many times spinning around on them when I'd walk in. I even had a student break one a few years ago. Towards the end of the year they were NOT ALLOWED to sit in the teacher chairs. This will make them get a chance to. If they choose to spin, I will look at them & wave....BUH-BYE & it's back to their seat they go.
There are LOADS of computer games on the web that my students beg to play. They especially love practicing their words on Spelling City! This will give them the chance to take a tech break & play a learning game on the laptops, ipads or at your desktop computers. We are getting a new school for the 2014-2015 school year & we will have a laptop charging station in our classrooms! Seriously, 20 something first graders with laptops....KMN.
Since I started teaching I have always had a classroom pet. I had a beta fish called Big Daddy that lived for 5 years! Last year I bought them a hermit crab & we named him Mr. Crabs. Not sure what I will be getting them this year.....I wonder if they'll fall for a Chia pet?
I have stuffed animals coming out of my.........! I even donated a TON to the librarian...their EVERYWHERE. When hubs & I moved I stumbled upon 2 VERY large garbage bags FULL of Build-a-Bears & Build-a-Bear clothing! Whoopsie...totally forgot about that. When I taught kindergarten my first year I would buy either a bear or clothing every time I got paid...this was a deal my students talked me into. Well, I wound up with a TON of Build-a-Bear stuff so I decided to bring it to school for the kids to play with at indoor recess. You would think I was Santa Claus when I brought this to school. The boys even played with it! Anyway, after more furry friends arrived the animals were out of control. Oh, I just bought 2 Skippyjon Jones' from Kohl's. Don't know I have an obsession with buying things in 2's. My zookeeper will keep me from losing it by keeping all our furry friends picked up & organized. 


 I have gotten SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many emails about these coupons & warm fuzzies. I honestly can't keep up with every one of them...I just can't. I did a presentation on Classroom Management for the Everything's Primary Expo that explains all about this system. It's over 2 hours of professional development for only $4.95! Once you buy own it. Watch it on your own time & take notes.  Classroom management has taken me YEARS to feel like I have complete control. I wish all these blogs existed when I started teaching. So many ideas & tips at your fingertips!

If you have any coupon requests please email me @ & I will try to get them made before school starts.

The first 3 people to leave me their email in the comments will get these for FREE! Thanks in advance for stalking me. 

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Daily 6 Chapter 6-Part 2 Word Work

This is by far one of my favorite parts of D5. My students have loved all the activities I've made for them. I split up this chapter because I have so many ideas that I have used for writing & word work & wanted to share them with you! I do work work activities based around spelling, vocab, seasonal, word wall, amazing & sight words. First I show them some but not all the materials they can use during word work. They must know where to find the materials and where to put them back independently. Then I go over the following chart. 
Click on the pic to take you to your freebie Work on Writing/Word Work packet. 

Now I'd like to show you some of my ideas for Word Work. You have to make it fun & exciting for them. Make things so they don't even realize they are learning. My kids would fight over going to Word Work & it was because I always had different things to offer. Their VERY FAVORITE Word Work activity is the following games I developed.

Candy Land Word Work
Candy Land for Daily 5 and Math Stations
 Here is how I store all the different games. I might change the baggies to soap boxes this year.

Here some of my tutoring students playing Candy Land. We tutor 2 days a week in the morning & this gives my lower students an opportunity to play my lower level games.
This is during Word Work. I simply give them the game for the skill we are focusing on. I have 150+ (more to come) games for ELA & Math so they are always working with the skill of the week. During review weeks I throw in an old game as well.
        Click on the Candy Land link at the top of my page to take you below!
This is a small snippet of my Candy Land page. There are 150+....yes 150+ different games! I have any Language Arts or Math games you would ever need. I even have Houghton Mifflin, Treasures & Scott Foresman games available. I know those games aren't all the way complete but they will be...I promise. 
My kiddos BEG....BEG....BEG to play with this during Work Work. It is their FAVORITE thing to do during Word Work time. They even want to play this during indoor recess. Seriously, they don't even realize their learning...they think their just playing a game. They get to play this at least 2x/week during Word Work. I even loan out games for tutoring, to take home, RtI, ELL & Reading Recovery. 
I added math games that I will be adding to my new math stations this year. Last year we were required to do a 90 minute literacy block....that is why I developed this product. This year we are required to have a 60 minute math block. Hopefully the kids don't have to use the bathroom or go to the nurse because there will be no time for that nonsense (insert sarcasm).

This is an oldie but goodie. I used our die cut machine & made this game called "Crash" with their sight words. I made some for Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade words. This is also a good filler game as well.

I had all these containers filled with activities that were basically collecting dust. Not since D5!  

 These are just blocks from the $ store & they made words with them (Real & Nonsense).
 One side would be real words & the other side are nonsense words.
 I had to take this pic! One of my little nuggets came up to me & said...."I swear I didn't do it on purpose!" Me: "Give me a sec I want to take a picture of this".....him "Please don't put this on the blog!" I have a classroom blog! He said his mom will recognize his arm! I miss him!
 Here are a ton of bingo games, mostly from Lakeshore that they played once a week depending on the skills we were working on.

This is a $ store shower curtain..I have 8! I wrote all the kindergarten words by quarter on 4 & then did the same thing for the 1st grade words. Then I label a freezer size baggie & place each shower curtain in it. When they are ready for new words then I just place a new "curtain" in the tub for word work. The kids toss a bean bag on a word & read it. This can also be used for sight words or amazing words...the possibilities are endless! I have math fact "curtains" as well.
The red tub on the left is where I store my Scott Foresman sight words sticks. Check those out here. I put all 80 spelling & HFW's per unit. I used a different color for each story & printed then out on labels (Avery 8167) & just stuck them on popsicle sticks & placed them in a recycled Crystal Light container. Very easy for the kids to use & put back during word work. The green lily pads have sight words on them. They place these around the room & "hop" on them as they say the sight words. The popcorn container is something I got through Scholastic or Highlights...I think.  I also made a set of football & baseball sight words to use during word work. They LOVE all these games! Here are some of the games in action! 


 These are also from Lakeshore! The kids really loved making words with these!

 I basically have every set of these Lakeshore quiz show games. They also have digital games now as well. Check them out here.
These are from Lakeshore too....surprise! They are unscrambling sentences during Word Work. 

 This is a digital version of a Working with Words game from Lakeshore. They have games for vocab, grammar, reading, word work, & phonics! Check them out here! I have them all!

 I spent so much time printing, cutting & laminating this year! I also put out seasonal centers once a week. My favorite centers come from the ladies at Made for 1st Grade. Check out their store here. I store all my centers below. I actually have to switch to bigger drawers since I was such a psycho buying centers on TPT. Seriously....I bought so many! I have a sickness I tell you!

These colorful magazine bins from IKEA store all sorts of Daily 5 goodies! As we come upon a skill I just take the bin over to the word work station & shift stuff around..model it for my little nuggets & they are good to go for the week!

Next is these cute little pretend iphones & ipads from Dragonflies in First! The kids thought they were sooooooo cool. I would have them "text" their spelling words & then write them. 

I asked our tech department if they had old keyboards & they did! I would have them type their spelling words if they got finished with an activity early.
 NEXT, is my "game organization". I make games & I have also purchased MANY from Kathy @ First Grade Ala Carte...her games are AWESOME! Anywho, I was going slightly INSANE with all the games I purchased & made so I needed some kind of organization because my bins from above were EXPLODING & I had no more room for anything! At our school we have started to tutor..ugh...& a half of my grade level coworkers tutor in my room so I needed to get all this stuff organized so that we could easily pull it out of a drawer, bin, shelf etc. with ease.....2.5 seconds after we walk in the door! So this is what I came up with.....
This is my Language Arts binder. I put all the game from Kathy or myself in sheet protectors. In the back of each game is where the cards & answer sheet or any accountability sheets are stored. We can easily pull out the sheet protector & leave the binder OPEN & simply put it back in it's place when we are done. 
This is a binder that I have divided by vowels, digraphs, blends, & sight words. I laminated each game that I bought from Kathy @ First Grade Ala Carte or that I made & hole punched it & placed it in this binder. The only thing these particular games need is a die or dice & game markers for each player. 

 Check out Kathy's store here!

Here is a drawer full of game markers..........
And here are the dice...of course they have a choice :o) 

 I found this for $10 last summer at a garage sale! Be jealous. This is where I store some of my materials for Word Work.

 Click on the pic for your freebie!
When they use the "stamp-it" sheets they just grab a stamp pad & stamps & do their thing. This can be used for weekly spelling words, vocab, seasonal, amazing or sight words.
 I found this container in the tool section of Walmart & just slapped alphabet stickers on it to keep my kiddos organized. I used to have the letters all in one tub...well guess what happened?!? Yes, they spent half the word work time trying to find the letters they needed..ugh! So this has solved that problem! 

Daily 5 Word Work Freebie
 Here is the ULTIMATE FREEBIE! Click on the pic above to grab your Daily 5 FREEBIE & don't forget to follow me while you are there!
Daily 5 Word Work Freebie

Daily 5 Word Work Freebie

Daily 5 Word Work Freebie

Daily 5 Word Work Freebie

Daily 5 Word Work Freebie

Daily 5 Word Work Freebie

Daily 5 Word Work Freebie

Candy Land Seusstastic

More word work rotation sheets........................
 Stop drooling! I love school supplies like I know all of you do. My students love the choices they have with all of these school supplies to rainbow write. There are thin & thick markers, crayons, glittery crayons, colored pencils, highlighters, gel pens, smelly markers & those pens with the funky tops

 Have you ever seen this game????? It's called HEDBANZ...CHECK IT OUT HERE! it's actually a cute game but I just switched it to make it more educational. I use the sight word cards that you see in the background for this word work station. You can easily create your own flashcards using index cards. This can even be used for math facts! Check my kids out in action........
I know...HOLY CUTENESS! Here is how it goes....the boy in the grey sweatshirt is "it". The children starting with the cutie pie in the blue shirt spell the word on his headband & he has to guess his word. If he guesses he picks the next person to be "it" & then they spell their word. After everyone gets done then WITHOUT looking they flip their card over & start over until it's time for a new card. Great way to review or learn new sight words on a weekly basis...don't ya think?!!?

Holy guacamole was that a LONG post! It took FOREVER! I hope I gave you some ideas for word work! You wouldn't hurt my feelings if you left me a comment :o) Oh, the first five to comment with their EMAIL can choose any Candy Land game from my store!

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