Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Learning Resources Luna Interactive Projection Camera-Review & Giveaway

I have been blessed by Learning Resources to review this fabulous product. I will start by saying I already have an Elmo. This is by far the BEST projection camera I have used. This is 3 tools in one & does so much more! It's very compact, user friendly & extremely affordable. Not only is this a projection camera it's also a webcam & photo/video camera! The possibilities are ENDLESS! I am going to show you just a few things I have done with this gem in the last several days. 

We are working on time this week & this worked out perfect! I can't believe how easily this camera bends to view large or smaller items....unlike the Elmo I currently have... the flexibility sold me immediately!
I started out the lesson with demonstrating the time to the half hour. They watched while I demonstrated this & projected it through my Smartboard, yes it projects through my Smartboard! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
 Then my students got a chance to demonstrate a time that I gave them orally. After, I would display what their clock should look like. 
Aren't they precious???? 

 I did this as a 5 minute time filler. I allowed each student to come up & roll the die & then they yelled out the answer. 

This shot is to show you how small of a manipulative can be displayed. 
This is another quick word work time filler. Each student takes out their notebooks & makes as many words as they can. The winner gets a BIG FUZZY. 
We are reviewing money identification & counting. This is much better than handing out individual coins to each student. What a time saver! 
Place value practice! I plan to use this & the others as a math station. 
Who doesn't need a review of geometric shapes?

Math fact practice! 
3 dimensional shape review! finally got this concept by this amazing visual device! 

I use this for the stamina timer during Daily 5 or their timed math fact tests. 

Not only can this be used for trade books it can be used for ANY book! What a great way to model fluency, directionality, & more! 
This Boggle activity is used during word work in Daily 5. This can also be done as a filler activity. I place the letters that are projected & they make as many words as they can. 

Another word work or time filler activity! 

Can you believe how portable?!? This was used to demonstrate the proper way to play a sight word Candy Land game I developed. 
Finally, I displayed this for our daily writing lesson. Instead of printing out 23 full color pages, I have it displayed for all to see. Saving paper....added bonus! 

Just a few more added bonuses to do with this affordable device: 

*Keep in mind that anything that I do can be captured. For example, I can capture the time activity I did & can show each pic as a review. These can be saved to your computer with one touch! 

*We participated in a post card exchange this year & we have skyped with classes all over the world. I used to have to hold my current webcam without me in the live feed. All I have to do with this is move the camera & viola, my whole class & myself can be seen! 

*Speaking of the video camera...I can't wait to use this on my classroom blog. What a gift to give to parents to see their children in action! I can't wait to add this to my classroom blog! 

*With all the hype about Common Core, this is a fabulous resource to keep all your lessons documented with one are meeting the standards. 

*Science lessons were not captured but can you imagine the endless possibilities!?! 

*Did I mention the capabilities of the software???? It took a few minutes to install! The most tech challenged teacher can figure out how to install & use this within minutes. You can control other settings such as zooming in and out, rotating an image, & taking a video.

*This can be used K-12 & beyond. I used to be in advertising sales & this would be so vital to have for presentations. 

*The cost is one of the best things about the Luna! My Elmo was over $500 & does not even compare to this! This camera is retailed at $199! 

Please take the time to visit Learning Resources & check out their amazing products! They also can be found on FB , You Tube & Twitter!

I have saved the BEST part for last. How would you like one of these for your own classroom?  Just enter via Rafflecopter below! Good luck! 

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  1. I want one of these so badly!!

  2. I want one of these! This would be great to use for math when I don't have enough manipulatives for the whole class or group, everyone can participate by using this camera.

  3. These Luna Camera are wonderful! I LOVE how compatible they are with Smartboards! :)
    Stories From Second

  4. So awesome! I would love to use of these in my PK during Circle Time - esp. when I don't have enough of something.

  5. This camera looks amazing!!


  6. I really want one of these! It would be wonderful in the library so no one could complain about not being able to see the pictures in the book.

  7. I cannot even begin to imagine all the possibilities for this! The school that I am now does not have SmartBoards or projectors so this would make a GREAT addition to the classroom! Being in 1st grade, it would really help with whole group activities.

  8. I am so amazed at how clear the images were and that was through your camera lens. I would love for my students to be able to experience this. With today's students being so visual, it would really help them, especially when we head into using the Common Core next year. I would love to let them come up and show how they found their answers as they explore the curriculum.

  9. Thank you for this post! I loved seeing all the different ways you could use this product from Learning Resources. It makes me really hope I win :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  10. This would be wonderful to have! My document camera I currently have does not do any justice!

  11. I love that you can read books on the camera and the timer under the camera is a great idea!! I totally want to win one of these :)

  12. Thanks so much for the ideas. Love the dice and Boggle.

  13. Saw this in a catalog. Your list of classroom applications really makes me want to order a Luna for my classroom.

  14. Hey Mel,

    Im having the same giveaway! I love your ideas! Wanna send people my way and Ill do the same??

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  15. I love the make-a-word dice and then awarding a warm fuzzy to the winner! I am going to be starting warm fuzzies next year and I can't wait!!! Thanks for sharing all of your amazing ideas! :)

  16. I am dying to have one for projecting books and math manips like you did!


  17. Your pictures make me want one soooo bad! I'm been dying to own one!


  18. I like the idea of using it for math manipulative and saving paper.

  19. Technology is amazing!

  20. Sounds like a great product! I love your classroom, it is so colorful.


  21. That is a great document camera! It is so versatile! I tried to enter your rafflecopter giveaway with the link, but cannot figure it out! I love your site though, really great ideas. I have pinned several of them :)

  22. I got one this year but I am not fortunate to have a smartboard. I was unable to hook it to my projectors because the projectors do not have a spot for a usb hookup. Any suggestions. I was so disappointed with the product.