Monday, April 9, 2012

Earth Day Linky Party

I'm linking up with my friend Denise over @ Sunny Days in Second Grade for an Earth Day FREEBIE linky party! 
I'm ALL ABOUT the 3 R's! You should see my decor in our "party room". It's very eclectic with almost everything that has been recycled out of something & made into something new. When we were in Denver last summer I went to this store called Earthbound Trading & FELL.IN.LOVE! IN LOVE! I was hyperventilating in the store trying to manipulate talk my husband into shipping some decor home. He can be very cheap frugal! No matter how much I pouted, whined, kicked & SCREAMED I got one thing.....ONE THING! The closest store to us in Chicago (at the time) was 4 hours away! The distance still did not convince him. I gave him the silent treatment, for at least 1/2 the day. Trust me this killed him because he loves to talk....ALL.THE.TIME! How did I even start talking about this? Oh, recycling & my decor. I can go off & I'm ready to take pics to show you! Anyway, over spring break my dear mother went with me to Earthbound Trading & I was psychotic in this store. The girl that was waiting on me actually asked if I was going to be ok. My mother had to explain me for a bit & then she was happy because I was buying the whole freakin store! They must work on commission. They have peace signs everywhere! Made out of trees, old cans & bottles & even tires! I was OUT. OF. CONTROL. I had to make 3 trips to my car that is how bad I was. Our anniversary was yesterday & I am already going through Earthbound Trading withdrawal & do you believe he still wouldn't go! I will be back there, very soon. I can't take it! To top it off, they don't sell online. I asked the girl...the one who witnessed the hyperventilation....who I need to talk to about our little situation. Seriously, they are losing out. I would be stalking them! Ok I'm done...for now. Now onto my freebie. 
 We started our Lorax unit by reading the book, of course. We took the book in parts & discussed it piece by piece. A lot of the concepts from The Lorax are above their heads & doing it this way worked. I used some of the above discussion topics throughout our unit.

Here is one graphic organizer that is included in the freebie. I also added another one just in case.
They wrote everything on their own. They came up with sentences they wanted to write about. This writing was similar to the Thing One & Thing Two writing, it was different so they did their best. Look at the last sentence..."The Lorax has a big heart" heart melted when I read that.

I have to say I have received many comments about this hallway display, especially from the kids. The Lorax is huge right now so they are really into it & actually stop to see what my students wrote.
The Earth Day Lorax Craftivity freebie has quite a few different writing sheets to use. If you do this activity please send me a pic or drop me an email. Here are samples of what I included in this freebie. 

 If you decide to do the marble painting here are step by step directions.
Every earth marble painting turns out different. This is one of my favorite projects & the parents L.O.V.E it!
This is a different graphic organizer. I will use this one next year instead. 
 Note.... this writing page does not have a sentence starter like the previous one.
 Smaller lines for upper elementary. Any of these can be used as a "sloppy copy" as well.
 Various writing prompts included & much more!

Thanks to Rachel from Sub Hub for the Lorax mustache inspiration!

Click on the picture below for your free download! Don't forget to stop by Sunny Days in Second Grade for some additional Earth Day freebies!
I know this has been floating around Pinterest from my previous Seuss post but please feel free to pin.



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