Friday, March 23, 2012

Introducing my first guest blogger...Mary from Sharing Kindergarten

Hello All! My name is Mary from Sharing Kindergarten. I am so blessed to be the *first* guest blogger on here.

Here are 10 fun things so you can get to know me better.
10. This is what time I try to be asleep by each night... hum it is 10:43 pm right now.
9. I have been married for 9 years to an amazing man.
8. I ate {just go with it} Birthday Cake Oreos today for the first time. I was excited... and then disappointed. Not that great. {Hubs just came in and said he ate one and they were nasty too.}
7. I have taught K for seven amazing years. This grade has my heart forever.
6. This is what time I wake up each morning, which is why I {try} to go to sleep at 10 each night.
5. I have 5 siblings of former students in my classroom this year... SCORE! I love it.
4. I am one of 4 children... the third actually. {My hubs is also the third. Ironic huh!}
3. My daughter is three years old and makes me a better mom, teacher, and person everyday.
2. I can not live without TWO things... PB&J sandwiches and Pibb Zero... both of which I eat for breakfast every morning. {seriously}
1. I have 1 awesome freebie waiting for you at my blog for you to grab.

I have a fun tip to share as the end of the year approaches and that supply closet dwindles away.

Mary Amoson is a teacher, mother, and an educational blogger. She believes that learning should be fun and natural, and is most often playing games with her students as they discover learning. She is so passionate about her dream job in education and her incredible students and families that she wants to share it all with you.  Visit her at or at her Teachers Pay Teachers site at where she has more than 10 free activities ready for you to download and enjoy.

Visit Mary & her amazing blog! She was so many creative ideas for all primary grades! 

Sharing Kindergarten


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