Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leapin Lizards! What a Leap Day Sale!

Seriously, now they decide to do a sale after I just spent $74 two days ago! Just my luck! I decided mama needs a new pair of shoes so I am having a 20% off sale on MY ENTIRE STORE! Paul is offering an additional 10% off! We haven't had TPT sale like this since Black Friday! The next sale won't be until May for Teacher's Appreciation Week! I know I just loaded up my cart...again. How about you???                     Ladies & Gents, 
I just listed my sale @ 2nd Grade Shenanigans & I was the 104th one to join! Check it out!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seusstastic Seuss Week Freebies & Ideas

I can't wait to start my Dr. Seuss unit on March 2nd! There have been so many seusstastic activities floating around out there in blogland, TPT, & Pinterest! I just had to share some of my seusstastic ideas! 
This is Pinterest inspired! I would suggest putting this on manila or yellow paper instead of white. You can tell it's a handprint up close & it turned out adorable!

Thing One and Thing Two Freebie
 Please pin & then click on the pic above & download this project for FREE! 
Lorax Freebie
Holy cuteness! I L.O.V.E. how this turned out! 
Lorax Freebie
The earth is a marble painted..they love this! The mustache is from Rachel from Sub Hub. Download the Lorax mustache & follow her while you're there. Tell her Mel D sent you! 
Lorax Freebie
 I just used Rachel's Lorax mustache template & colored it yellow. I had the kids each hold it up to their faces. 
This is a Fox in Socks rhyming game. I just purchased socks from the Dollar Tree & wrote rhyming words on them. I am planning on making some other games on card stock if I find a cute sock graphic. 
This is a Green Eggs and Ham game. I originally made it for my Kindergarten students to work with word families. I changed it up and made a sheet for them to make real & nonsense words. I used foam sheets which are really durable but you can also use colored card stock.
This is a Cat in the Hat rhyming game I created. As they found the matches they wrote the rhyming words on the sheet. I will extend this activity by having them use their matches to create a poem. 

I know this is so random but I had to share. We recently moved into my childhood home & I LOVE decorating! I saw all these saying floating around Pinterest...of course...& got inspired to make these for my husband for Valentine's Day. I made all but one. If you are interested in these I will post them..just leave me a comment. 
Seuss Freebies
I just created the following items for FREE this week. I will be using these in my classroom during my Seuss unit. Please pin & share! 
Lorax Freebie
Lorax Freebie
Seuss Freebies

Seuss Freebies

Horton Freebie
Green Eggs and Ham Freebie

Yertle the Turtle Freebie

Sneetches Freebie

Dr. Seuss Quotes

Fox in Socks Freebie