Sunday, November 27, 2011

More games, freebies, and Cyber Monday deals

This is my 1ST SALE EVER & I'm so excited....for YOU! I have worked my rear off this weekend to load up my TPT store for the sale. I was up till 5 am're welcome :oP 

I dragged my hubby to Joann Fabrics, he stayed in the car of course, to stock up on laminating sheets to go to town tomorrow on all my new games. Once again, they had 2-20 packs of laminating sheets! Seriously, they are KILLING ME! I talked to the cashier, again, about our situation...meaning me & Joann Fabrics. I did find out that you can go to customer service & order as many as you can pay for & even use coupons! Merry Christmas to me! I wanted to leap over that counter & hug her.! She used to get irritated with me because...picture this.....I would walk up with about 50 coupons in my hand & 50 items in my cart. I will use a 50% off coupon on a candy bar just because I can. Plus I will hand them my teacher discount card for an additional 15% off. They are probably reviewing this coupon policy just because of me. Did you know that you can get up to 4 flyers per household??? I get four. One that comes for my husband, one for me, one for Bentley (dog), & one for Java (dog). Yes, I get coupons delivered under my dog's name, I am pathetic resourceful. I get them at school too (2). One in my maiden name & one with my married name...whoopsie. I also pull coupons from my phone. Joann & Michael's have apps. Michael's is not my friend, I fight with the cashiers over there ALL.THE.TIME. They only let you use one coupon per transaction. So I make them do 10 transactions so I can get all my discounts...DUH! They need to rethink this policy just because of me...ha! 

Wowee, I totally went off topic. Get me talking about sales & I can blog for hours! Speaking of sales, this is what you can get from my TPT STORE! If you don't follow me, please do so you don't miss any of my new products! I follow over 100 sellers! I always have my cart loaded & ready to go for tomorrow! I have to stay off TPT because I am OUT.OF.CONTROL! Just in case TPT has technical issues tomorrow, I am having my sale go through Tuesday. I know I am stocking up on stuff to work on over break because we all know we can't just sit around & do nothing. If I am not cutting, laminating, typing, gluing, or blogging my husband would take my temp! S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y

Click on any picture to go directly to the product & add it to your cart ;o) 

I've made the following Candy Land games. If you missed a previous Candy Land post read it here.

Fry's phrases contain the 300 most commonly used words in elementary reading and writing. Do you think your students need practice with this? Um, yes they do. 

I don't know about you, but my kiddos sure struggle with Grammar. I have showed PP presentations, we have played interactive Smartboard games, centers, file folder games & they still struggle. I made these games to help them out. In order to move to the designated spot on the Candy Land board they have to read the word. Repetition seems to always work with them. Developmentally I think they are too young to understand these difficult concepts but with the new Core curriculum & even the old state standards, we are required to teach it & they are required to master the skills.

ALL 30 of my Candy Land games go along with the K, 1st , 2nd grade & even a few in 3rd grade Core curriculum. These games are played weekly in Word Work during Daily 5. My kiddos absolutely LOVE these games & play a different skill weekly. This is by far their favorite word work activity that I have EVER put in this station! 

The next series of games will go along with the Scott Foresman Reading Street 1st grade series. I will include the spelling & HFW's in each game. There are approximately 80 words in each unit. If you use a different series like Houghton & are interested please shoot me an email with the word lists. If I know there is interest I will take the time to make them for you.

 Here is what I do with these FREE labels to keep myself & the kiddos organized.
If you read this far, thank you! Here are some Grinchy mini candy bar wrappers that I give to my students & coworkers. Click here to download them for FREE! Follow me while you're there. I post a ton of freebies that you won't want to miss!


  1. I love you! (well the things you make...) I follow you on TPT. My cart is FULL of your Candyland games. I hit Target on Black Friday and bought the games for 3.99. I teach Reading Street so I am excited about the games for that series. I hope that TPT does not crash. I am tempted to stay up until midnight and order then. Thanks again for all your hard work! Liz in South Dakota

  2. I am so glad I found you before the sale tomorrow! Thanks for the 2nd grade dolch words. Would you do a 2nd grade Reading Street set??
    2B Honey Bunch

  3. These games look great! Your covers are always so colorful and cheery!! (btw, coupons rock!)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. are too sweet! I have been collecting game boards for a while now so I am set. I'm glad your students enjoy the games!
    @Erika...yes I will do a 2nd grade Reading Street set....I am going to get 1st grade done this week & have to do a few other requests before I get to 2nd grade but I will do them for sure.
    @Jennifer thanks! I am all about <----color ----> :o)

  5. Hey Mel! I'm giving you the Sunshine Award! Head over to my blog to snag the button and read the post! Have a great week at school!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  6. YAY!!!! You are going to make CandyLand for 1st grade Reading Street and 2nd grade too! I co-teach both grade levels and will definitely be purchasing these! Thanks for your hard work!

  7. @Karen I posted the reading street 1st & 2nd grade games in my store. I did units 1 & 2 & will be working on the rest :) Mel

  8. Holy Moly! That's some serious work! Thanks for sharing...AND your fabulousness deserves a Sunshine Award! Head on over to to claim it!
    - Emily :-)

  9. Hi Mel,

    You are one popular girl ! I love your blog and also awarded you with the Sunshine Award. Thank you for all of your wonderful resources:)


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