Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work On Writing Ideas for Daily 5, Fingers & a FREEBIE

As promised I was going to blog about some things I do with my kids during the Daily 5. I am just exploding with ideas & some have worked out VERY well & others...not so much. Here is something my kids are O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with during their "Work on Writing" rotation. 
 Last month I used apple and Fall stickers and words. Now I changed it & place Halloween words in sheet protectors & provide Halloween stickers to make their own sticker stories. This is how one of them turned out.......

I think they did a fabulous job! I love how they are making connections from one sticker to the next. Of course, I modeled this before they were on there own. They do 1-2 sticker stories a week. I also will incorporate seasonal stamps for the same type of writing. My kids fly to this station! In 8 years I have NEVER had the kids like writing so much since I introduced this! Here is how my Daily 5 writing looks for the week. 

Monday: Response to reading (AR book or basal reader)
Tuesday: Sticker story
Wednesday: Stamp story
Thursday: Writing Prompt
Friday: Writer's choice
And here are some more examples.....
Journal questions you say??? I simply take an 11x17 piece of construction paper & insert about 20-25 pages for each month. I use lined paper because it's currently taking up space in my closet BUT you can use any kind of paper. I have them decorate a monthly journal cover that I get here for free. Just scroll down to "Monthly Journal Covers" & download the PDF. 

Ok I know if you read the title of this blog your wondering why or how is she going to talk about "fingers". Check this out! 

Guess where these finger puppets came from???? Yes, the Target $ spot! Guess what I use them for......
I know....I know...GENIUS! YOU'RE WELCOME! 
Once upon a time I used witch fingers BUT most of them somehow got "lost" or as I say "they must have grew legs & walked out the door" so I had to get these until I buy more witch fingers. 
Ok so now I can take away fuzzies & fingers when they don't listen!!! They were begging for these! The reason I bought them was because I have a few that still have concept of print issues & I didn't think it was fair to just buy them some so I had to get them for all of them & what a good decision it was!
Now for a freebie! Here is some Halloween writing paper I designed for you. You can do a sticker story with this one or any kind of spooky story. 
"Pin it" & then grab it here FREE!  
This one I wrote directions to write a sentence about each Halloween graphic if you don't have stickers readily available. This would be a great "mini-lesson" to do before introducing the sticker story. 
 "Pin it" & grab it here FREE! 
Give me some ghoulishess comment love! 

Any other writing I do in class I always post the monthly labels I made on them to help me keep track of when they wrote what if it's not in their monthly journals. I take 1 writing a week & stick on a monthly label like this.
All of their writing artifacts are then put in their "writing" section of their memory book. The progression is AH-MAZING!!!!!!
You can check my monthly labels out here!


  1. Thanks for sharing all your amazing ideas! :) I love reading your blog!

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  3. Love the finger pointers from Target, I need to get some of those! :)

  4. WOweeeee!
    I am beholden!!!!
    I have been racking my brain on how to have a work on writing round in my daily 5 that does not butt heads with our writers workshop and this is a wonderful idea! THANK YOU!!!! May I borrow your inspiration? I think my first graders will also love this idea and what better time to start than with the big 'H' holiday. I need to start iii (small group intervention for the lowest 25% readers in my class) like yesterday and will need to have Read to Self as a whole class round while I work with small group-so adding Work on Writing....well I am rambling. Thanks so much for sharing. May I email you off blog or will you email me off blog so we can chat more?
    Thanks again :)

  5. Thanks for sharing. I love that sticker story idea! We just got going on Work on Writing and some are writing sentences, some are copying things from the walls. I think this will give them direction but still give them lots of freedom too. Love it!
     Chrissy

  6. Hi Mel, Ive been following your blogs and many others on daily 5. The question I have do you and others who have implemented daily 5 into their day manage the rotations? Or from what Ive seen and read do you give them the choices. And do I make sure they arent going back to the same station? Any suggestions are truly appreciated!!!

  7. This work on writing idea has been the way to go with my kiddos! It has got them writing & loving it! In the past B4 Daily 5 I must have doing something wrong because my kids DID NOT like to write @ all! This rotation is by far their favorite but the others they enjoy as well.
    @Lisa Sharp All the kids start on "Read to Self" after they finish their morning work. Check out this rotation clip chart I made
    This is how the students choose their stations. I call a quiet table to choose their rotation first & then call another table. So basically they are not all running up to the chart at once. They have to rotate through the last 4 rotations in the order they choose. I hope I helped clear up any confusion.
    Peace, Mel D

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