Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holy 700 Followers! Time for a Giveaway!

I am so super excited about reaching this milestone that I never thought would happen. I just can't believe how this little old blog has revolutionized the way I teach & my outlook on my job. I don't know what I did with my time before blogging & pinning obsessively! Between blog stalking, teaching, pinning & blogging I don't know how I fit anything else in! Well, I do need to fit in exercise starting tomorrow! Raise your hands in the air for diets starting on Monday! Mine always do & hopefully it won't end by lunchtime....he he. I need to handcuffed around my treat jar at work. I think I need to make it a rule that I can't get a treat until I earn two big fuzzies! Ok enough of my 12 step program onto a giveaway! As you may know I use bucket filling in my room...if you are a new follower check out my post here. 
Here is a brand new bucket I made today waiting to be in a classroom! It's super uber cute! If you are not a bucket filler, no problem, I have another item to choose from below. 

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with clipboards! If you are not, then you can also choose any product from my TPT STORE HERE or my Teacher's Notebook store here. 

Do you want to have a chance to have your pick??? This is what you have to do to qualify. I will not have just one giveaway, not two but THREE! I am going to choose THREE winners for this giveaway. The first person to win gets first pick. The second person gets second choice & the third person gets the last choice. I think all choices are great giveaways personally & I hope you think so as well. 

How can you win?? Complete the following for ONE entry each UNLESS OTHERWISE MARKED! Make sure you comment for EACH thing that is completed!! That is a total of 9 chances to win with 3 counting for 3 ENTRIES EACH!

1. Follow my slowly, but surely TpT store!

2. Blog about my giveaway! (send me the link) (3 ENTRIES)

3. Shout it out on facebook! (send me the link)

4. Put my super cute blog button on your bloggy roll!! (send me a link) (3 ENTRIES)                                                                                          

5. Follow me by email   (on my side bar)                                                    
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7. Follow me through Google Reader (on my side bar)                                     

8. Pin something from MY BLOG  & send me your pinterest user name so I can follow you. (3 entries) 

9. Follow my shop @ Teacher's Notebook (on my side bar)                         
Leave a comment on THIS post for EACH of the above 9 ways to enter. Example: If you start following me on Pinterest leave a comment here saying, "I now follow you on Pinterest!" Repeat for each of the above 9 things you do. If you pick one of the 3 ways to qualify for 3 entries...leave 3 SEPARATE COMMENTS. For example, if you grab my button & put it on your blog roll leave 3 comments "I put your button on  my blog roll" 3x!

Good Luck Everyone! Giveway ENDS on Saturday, October 1st @ Midnight! I will announce the winner sometime on Sunday, October 2nd.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm obsessed with Daily 5! Check out my rotation chart & FREEBIES!

Well friends, it's official I am obsessed with Daily Five! I read the book & stalked all your blogs & became....OBSESSED! I am loving it & so are my kiddos! It was very intimidated at first because I wasn't sure how I was going to fit it into my schedule & then I found out we are required to do an uninterrupted 90 minute reading block which does not include RTI...ugh! Well, I'm making it work & LOVE IT! 

Here are a few shots of my kiddos in action! 
I know, I know...holy cuteness! Here we are building our stamina. I first explained stamina to them by comparing it to yoga & how you have to build your stamina to hold a position for a certain amount of time.
 Can you say "Namaste"...they can! We are practicing breathing techniques here. This has also helped with a few anxiety issues we were having adjusting to first grade. Their expressions kill me! 
This is our first try @ "Read to Self" after picking out our "Just Right" books for the week. Each child has their own book bin & they pick out AR books leveled 0.5-1.5. We started with 3 minutes & went in intervals of 3 minutes until we got to 20 minutes....yay for us! 
 Of course I set the "Stamina Timer" on the smartboard! 
 After we built up our stamina to 12 minutes I let them have "reading buddies". 
 And then I introduced "Read to Someone". Here are two girls demonstrating the correct way to sit "EEK" during "Read to Someone". 
 Two of my boys during "Read to Someone".
 Another perfect example of "Read to Someone". Aren't my little nuggets so adorable!?!
Okay..Okay I am out of order but I had to sneak this cuteness in...I love posting these pics to my classroom blog & whenever I need to be uplifted I just take a peek @ their expressions :o) 
Okay last one...them saying "Namaste". 
Here is a sheet that I created for "Word Work". Write it-Stamp it. I have 12 spaces available. You can use this for spelling words, rhyming words, or word wall/high frequency words. Grab it for FREE HERE! 
This is the sheet for write it-rainbow write it. Grab it HERE FREE!
Rainbow writing word work center in action! I just knew this would be a popular choice! Who doesn't love markers, colored pencils & glittery crayons! 
Write it-build it! I don't have a pic of this in action because no one has chose this yet BUT I know they will! Grab the sheet HERE FREE!  
Here are some of my girls in the "Work on Writing" center. I create a journal each month that they use. I got the really cute covers for each month from Mrs. Gonzalez's class website. She has fabulous FREE resources that I use all the time!
I also give them various charts & writing prompt picture charts to help them as well. I am currently putting together a writing binder for each student & I plan to blog about that soon. 
 Writing upside down...IDC he's still writing, right? 

 WAH-LAH! My fabulous Daily 5 choice board! This is the finished product. Keep reading to find out how I added & introduced each part of Daily 5. 
 The first part of Daily five that I introduced was "Read to Self". This is the ONLY part of the sign I had displayed. As I introduced each part I added to it. I printed each part on cardstock & then glued it to..of course...scrapbook paper to make it look groovy! Then I laminated it & added rings each time I introduced the next part of Daily 5.This was the most ingenious thing I have done! I was very intimidated by the Daily 5 & how I would go about it. To make it easier on me & the kids I only gave them a choice as it was introduced & just added to it. They got used to the posters as I added them & it wasn't a bit confusing for them to move their clips. 
This is what the chart looked like when I added "Read to Someone". 

"Listen to Reading" is added. Pictures & freebie forms to come. 
 "Work on Writing" added. 

And finally "Word Work" the all time favorite is added! I add this one last because I knew it was going to be a favorite & I had to save the best for last! 

As some of you know, my husband & I have been struggling with infertility. Well, we have our appointment on Monday to sign our life away financially & hopefully we will be blessed with a baby after I go through IVF (invitro fertilization). Unfortunately, neither one of our insurances cover infertility so it's all out of pocket & NOTHING gets done until they have the money up front. So please send baby dust our way on our journey to become parents. It has been a trying time after losing a baby & struggling with getting pregnant again. We are out of options & my clock is ticking...LOUDLY. With that being said, I will always have freebies like my behavior coupons a few weeks ago. But, I will have to put some items on TPT & TN to try & supplement my income. I hope you all understand & will still follow me. I fell in love with blogging late last year & just love sharing ideas with all of you! 

Check out my Daily Five Rotation Clip Chart at TPT OR TEACHER'S NOTEBOOK! Please follow me if you don't already!