Sunday, August 7, 2011

Student Recognition Necklace Idea

I am so proud of my latest creation ladies & gents! I could just scream with excitement for my kiddos! Please tell me you pass out the zillions of Highlight forms we get just to get free stuff?!? Well, I ordered some lovely field trip necklaces like the ones from Lakeshore shown below for FREE!

 Well, for the past several years we have only been allowed to have one field trip a year :o( What a waste of those nice little necklaces, right? I do use them on the first week of school BTW to help me with their names & to help the special teachers. Well, after working at school last week I noticed these necklaces I bought from Lakeshore YEARS ago & thought I need to order some more of these, they are looking real yucky...but then a light bulb went off & I sprinted over to find those free Highlight necklaces....YES THEY WERE THERE! Some of you might of had the ones from Lakeshore which are discontinued BTW. I had "I lost a tooth", "Happy Birthday" & "Super Star" necklaces that were too cute for words. Well, I fixed the problem people. Take a look at how stinkin cute these are! 

They include: Future Illustrator (girl & boy), AR Star (girl & boy), Math Whiz (girl & boy), Handwriting King & Queen & Future Author (girl & boy). You can hand them out daily or weekly. Great way to recognize your students accomplishments while raising their self esteem. Just use Avery 8163 (2x4) labels or print on card stock & place them in the necklaces. Your kids will LOVE them! Check them out at my TPT STORE. 

Here is another set I made. 
They include: 2 different Happy Birthday, 2 different I lost a tooth, boy super star, girl super star, spelling star, future scientist, future historian & computer genius. I included 2 b-day & 2 I lost a tooth labels because IT NEVER FAILS, I always have students with the same birthday & had one necklace. Or I would have those lil nuggets running at me toothless & only had one necklace....not anymore!  Check this set out at my TPT STORE. 



  1. This is such a cute cute cute idea!!!! I bet your kids LOVE them!!! What a great way to bring positivity into your classroom.

  2. I just got those Highlights name tags in the mail too! Don't you just love free stuff!? Thanks for sharing your fun labels!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  3. Great idea, I bet your kids will do anything to get to wear those tags. I'm always amazed when someone takes a common item and turns it into something fabulous.

    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Awesome idea. I just found your blog. Kids will love these.

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