Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seusstastic Addition & Subtraction Game & a few new crafty creations

I think I told everyone that I am obsessed with popsicle sticks, right? Well, the obsession continues.....
Did you purchase those cute Seuss cups from Target? Now I know what I am going to do with them! I am going to make 4 games so I can have 4 groups going at once! 
And now here is the subtraction game. My kiddos seem to have a really tough time with math facts but they have a tougher time with subtraction. 
These can be used in math stations, for math practice before a fact test, for a filler, or even during indoor recess. My kids are ob--sessed with all my stick games! All you need is some cutesy cups, Avery 8167 return address labels & some popsicle sticks. This can be used through 3rd grade I believe. 

If anyone is interest in multiplication of division games leave a comment & I will make some. 

Now for some fun projects I made. 
This started out as a plain icky bulletin board. I sprayed primer around the edges. Then I used 4 different colors of glitter paint. After that I applied some modge podge on 6 different pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper & ta-da! I have a new board with my new name that goes with my peace theme..yay for me! 
Since I give so many clipboards away for giveaways I just had to make one for myself. I am going to make some more in different themes for my next giveaway! I will also personalize them with your full name or just your initial whichever you prefer. I just LOVE how this turned out! 
I am BEYOND OBSESSED with my new toy, the Scotch laminator! I would marry this if I wasn't already taken ;o) I have been a laminating MANIAC! I have went through two 50 pouch packages! The laminate is so nice & wrinkles & everything has turned out P..E..R..F..E..C..T! I am making stuff JUST so I can use this gift from God! I bought mine using a 1/2 off coupon..of course..from Joann Fabrics BUT I heard on my FB wall that someone got this same one @ Costco for $20! included 50 laminating pouches.....seriously....I need two! HECK I will take one for every room in my house! 

Peace, Mel D 


  1. love love love your stuff :) And I have the laminator but havent used it yet!!! =O I am about to make the reading street popsicle sticks!

  2. Love your blog.
    Not to feed your frenzy or anything(hahaha)...but I found 100 pouches for 9.79 at amazon. I am going out to try and find my laminator today! I have airplanes I have to laminate for my travel theme classroom. :o)

  3. I am seriously in love with my laminator and buy laminating sheets all the time!! I really could use one at home and one at school it is just that fabulous. I love how everything comes out smooth and shiny. On another note...I pinned your fabulous clipboard. I really want to make adorable clip boards like yours! :)
    Rambling About Reading

  4. Do you have a bj's wholesale? The packs of laminating pouches are only $6.99 there. Walmart has them for $15.99...more than double!

  5. Love your blog and your Seuss Sticks! I would love multiplication ones!!! :-) I bought the Laminator on amazon when they had the deal for $13, but I haven't used it yet. Can't wait!!

  6. do our students use the popsicle game? :) Do you have the printables available to download and print?

  7. Go to for really good deals on pouches! Buy a box of 100 pouches for $14 get another box of 100 free!!!