Monday, August 1, 2011

Mini Office Privacy Partition Ideas & Free Printables

Last year I approached our HSA (Home School Association) for these: 

Our HSA was generous enough to buy these for all of our first graders. We used to use Saxon Math & we got math privacy folders every year but we adopted a new math series this year....Envision (YUCK)! So before they even came in I was researching mini office ideas. I got my stuff from all over the place & made a few things myself. Here are some pictures of my mini offices. 
These partitions are excellent quality! I didn't have ANY problems with them at all! This was a blessing for the kids who have a hard time focusing oh look there's a squirrel....I know you have plenty of these little nuggets! These partitions are from my fav...Lakeshore can check them out HERE. 
The alphabet chart, the number line & the time chart are stickers from where else....YES DOLLAR TREE! 

Here are some links that will direct you to FREE mini office printables: 

The following are some that I did since I integrate Spanish. I just copied it on colored paper. I did a proofreading chart & a color chart that are not on my home computer... :,o( If I find them at school I will add