Friday, August 5, 2011

FREEBIE Monthly Labels

Here are some monthly oh so cute labels I use for my monthly read alouds. Do you send home the highlights forms to the kids? Well I always order these sturdy cardboard magazine bins for my personal stash. 
They are the primary colored ones on that big ugly metal vent & also on top of that white shelf under the one legged  
After you "pin" these grab them here for FREE! Just use Avery 8163 (2x4) labels. I also stick these on drawers that I keep my monthly projects in. Another use is for all my monthly binders with worksheets. I don't think you can find anything in my classroom without a label on it...not kidding. 

I am working on some smaller monthly address labels that I will use for writing samples, journals, projects, drawings, class photos, handwriting, etc. for their student memory book/portfolio. They will also be used for marking all my personal monthly read-alouds that I stash in those cardboard bins & I will use them on my monthly file folders & binders. Stay tuned. Will post those soon. 
Enjoy & goodnight! 
Peace, Mel D


  1. love your blog!! Im also a fellow obsessed dr. seuss fan!! I will be teaching in exactly one year, so I love reading your blog, don't worry I'm taking notes!

  2. The pictures of your classroom looks great!

  3. Perfect thanks Mel! As I was labeling my entire room yesterday I realized I didn't have another for my monthly projects. It's like you read my mind! :) I'll be pinning this!

  4. I did "pin" it lol

    Jennifer, who is loving your Dr. Seuss :)

  5. LOVE the labels! I will definitely be putting these on my monthly book boxes this year! {much nicer than my writing!} Can't wait for the smaller ones to add on books! You are the best!!! ps. Do you play Seussical the Musical in your classroom and have all the Kohl's stuffed animals of Horton and Cat??? They totally work with your theme!!!