Thursday, August 4, 2011

Classroom Set-up Day 1 & NEW peace themed stuff! Oh & a FREEBIE!

So I had only one day that I could go into my classroom this week. After spending about 8 hours in there, I could barely make it home. O...M....G was I SORE! My husband says "why are you sore?"....guess whose eyeballs were rolling?!? They just DON'T GET IT!
I am on a road trip with my parents right now. I left my purse @ a Bob Evans in Lafayette, IN. & discovered it was missing 2 HOURS later! Can you say....UGH! I caused us over 3 extra hours of drive time...I felt horrible! I was too busy pinning & eating biscuits & notice I walked out without my purse! So after an added 3 hours I am in Lexington, KY right now & am so excited to be going to the longest garage sale in the world! It's called the Route 127 sale...have your heard of it? Well I am going to look for books, shelves, & peace stuff for my classroom among other things. I can't wait! So this is why I only had one day in my classroom. I took some pics of what it looked like when I came in. 
Can you say yuck! Everything is COVERED! 
For some reason my drapes wound up on top of my covered bookshelves..hmm. Anyway, the ugly blank board behind this will have my peace themed word wall that I just made :) 
Here is the other side of my library. 
That big ugly beast is my bipolar vent. My room has two temps....when my co-workers walk in I either say "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Welcome to Alaska". There is no happy medium. I am soooo glad we are getting a brand new school next year...YIPPEE! 

I just had to include that evil dinosaur of a TV which was supposed to be removed by the highschool tech kids....NOPE STILL THERE. I already biffed my head on it the ONE day I was there! 
Now don't all of you run out to try & find this pretty blue paint that is on my wall...gag! And please don't be jealous of those pretty 70's chairs that are WAY to small for my kids. Oh & I can't forget all the uneven desks to boot. You can be jealous of my smartboard ;o) 

This is my desk area....eek! See the closet on the left...yeah I like to decorate for the holidays :o) See that big ugly box coming out of the one in the building seems to know what that is! I just tell the kids there is a camera in there & I will just watch the "tape" to find out who stole candy...he he...& they actually believe me! 
These are my cubbies...notice how I pile my stuff to the ceiling? Again don't be jealous of that beautiful sink area...hey I am doing a peace theme this year...they happen to be in a retro room :o) Ok now for the fun stuff! 

HOLY WOODSTOCK EXPLOSION! Here is some of the peace stuff I have found...yay! I can't wait to find homes for everything! 

Houston....Mel has a shopping problem. I hope my husband isn't reading this, I did make him follow me & all. Honey EVERYTHING was a dollar! 
I think I bought every peace notebook in the Chicagoland area! I am going to slap a pretty peace label on each for my staff, grade level & committee meetings.....see I justified that purchase :o) That polka dot post-it thingy....LOVE IT! I got it from Staples in the $ spot! So of course I had to buy 3! 
See those cute tie-dye buckets...I'm short 4! I stalked 5 Targets for more & not one of them had any :o( I am in Kentucky....hmm. I know what your thinking about the Dr. Seuss stuff....yes I'm a freak..totally out of control Seuss nut! I was in a state of panic around this's almost like I had to buy it all because I was afraid someone else would buy it all! And I still have stuff from last year but I insisted I needed more...I have a problem. BUT stay tuned I did something super cute with the Seuss cups which are not pictured. 
After I was in my happy place around all my purchases I go to find some scissors & this is what I find! See the Seuss lamps? Broken :o( Total bummer...I'm so sad. Now for some production. 
Here is my Daily Five board which I think I might redo. I bought a bunch of peace fabric thinking I could use it for bulletin boards but I think it looks too busy & I hate the trim. If I redo it..I will post pics. 
I just love these strategy signs. I am going to put a sheet in the kid's binders with all these posters on one page. 
Now here is the board I am most proud's so pretty! On the peace signs I am going to take a first day picture & post it on there. 
Each child has a job. I changed a few jobs from my previous classroom job post. You can find descriptions for each of the jobs here. 

Do you like these job signs??? I just posted them on TPT. Now I am not a pusher of TPT as I am just getting started & it really irritates me when bloggers don't offer you any ideas & just push their products down your throat! BUT, my husband & I are in a pickle. We found out from my doctor from Northwestern, who I adore, that we have to have invitro (IVF) which can cost about $25,000! So all that stuff from Target, Dollar Tree & Staples that I bought...well those days are over. Every dollar we earn will be going towards our dream of becoming parents. We lost a baby over a year ago :o( & we are bound & determined to become a mommy & daddy to a baby...even though we love our furry ones. I just wanted to fill you all in so you don't think I am not going to give anything for free anymore because I am & I will...I promise you that. 

Speaking of is a peace no homework pass that I made.
 I think it's super groovy! Grab it here for free! 

No pressure..but if you are interested in the job signs you can check them out at my TPT STORE HERE. 


  1. Looking good! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!!!

  2. I love your retro room. It has character! You are going to LOVE having a smartboard-I'm super jealous. I had one last year but this year I moved school and I don't. I can't wait to see all the awesome things you do with your room. Good luck! :)

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  4. (Ok, lets try this again...)Looks good!! I also have only two temps in my classroom and a dinosaur of a TV. I am so jealous that you have a projector and a smartboard.

    Learning Ahoy

  5. Your room looks great! My room is pretty much always welcome to the jungle! :P The humidity in my room is out of control. No wonder we have so many mold issues at my school....:P I live in Kentucky you know! ;) About 3 and a half hours or so away from Lexington though. I taught in Lexington for a year. Hated it! LOL! Not the city really, just the people I had to deal with there. Have fun on your shopping trip!!

  6. You made me laugh! I think we try to buy all the cute stuff to help cover-up all of our lovelies and mix match furniture. I love your peace theme, it is so cute.

  7. You have some great things!! I also love Dr. Seuss! Have you been to the Oriental Trading type store on Liberty Rd? I have some teacher friends who say they have some awesome stuff.

  8. Love your site! Where did you get your reading strategy posters? They are awesome!!!