Monday, July 25, 2011

Scott Foresman Reading Street Linky Party

Leslie over at Life in First Grade is having a Reading Street Linky Party & I just joined!Click on her link & join the party & get lots of ideas!

Have I ever told you how much I love popsicle sticks? Well, I am obsessed with them! I also have quite the obsession with reusing Crystal Light containers & I stalk all my friends for can ask! My one friend emptied 7 containers for me while I was over for a was like Christmas for me! Ok friends this is what I do with them for word work, spelling, and writing practice. 

In these beautiful containers house ALL of the Scott Foresman Reading Street HFW & spelling words for ALL 5 units! There are 80 words for each unit. Did I waste all day writing 400 words on the sticks you ask? UM, NOOOOO! I am a LABEL QUEEN! I use them for EVERTHING! I don't have the best handwriting & let's face it, it just looks pretty, am I right? 
 This is a snippet of what the labels look like. I used a different color for each story. You simply use Avery 8167 or equivalent labels & ta-da you just printed out 80 words for one whole unit! Now all you have to do is peel off the labels and put them on the sticks. I buy my sticks @ Joann Fabrics...don't forget to use a 40% off coupon! 
Look at these beauties! This is a great activity for centers or filler activities. I also use these during RTI time. Your students will love this & it's so easy to do. It looks so much better with labels than writing the words. 

Click HERE to get your Unit 1-5 labels!
Click HERE to get your Unit 2 labels! 
Click HERE to get your Unit 3 labels! 
Click HERE to get your Unit 4 labels! 
Click HERE to get your Unit 5 labels! 

Do you like my container labels??? Just use Avery 8163 (2x4) or equivalent labels & print. Grab yours here for FREE! 

Ideas for use in the classroom: 
1. You can put the kids in a circle & each student pulls a stick..if they can read it the can keep it..if they can't then they put it back.
2. You can put the kids in pairs. One student pulls a stick & reads it & the other student has to spell the word out loud. If they spell the word correctly they keep the stick. 
3. This can be used in a writing center. The student pulls a stick & they write a sentence using each word they pull. 
4. This can also be used in a word work station for Daily 5. They pull a stick & they can stamp, decorate, or rainbow write the words they pick. 
5. If you have an Elmo you can put the words under the Elmo & each student has to yell out the word. 
6. I've used this for a review & made a sparkle game out of it. I would go through 80 sticks while they spelled each word. You'd be surprised how fast they forget how to spell the words from a test they JUST had. But this makes them keep practicing & using these words so they don't forget them. 
Comment below if you have any more suggestions.


  1. These are absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for making them. I have already dropped them in my shopping cart on TPT. SDNana

  2. I just love the popsicle idea, I have seen them on blogs this summer and have made about five different activities with the sticks. Love yours, thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this idea! We use Houghton Mifflin instead of Scott Foresman but I could totally do this! I also LOVE your Dr. Seuss design! I just started blogging
    and our class theme this year is Dr. Seuss! :)

  4. We use Reading Street so these will be great! Everytime I want to play a game to review spelling words, I have to go through the teacher's manual for the words but now I can just pull a stick! I have already purchased all of these! I am excited to make them! THANKS!

  5. Glad to see that someone else shares my love for popsicle sticks and drink mix containers!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm so glad some of you can use them :) I just got on my computer after crafting all night...I am obsessed with recreating stuff that I've seen on Pinterest! I'm working on new stuff for my next giveaway...stay tuned!
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  7. This is an amazing, fun, and cheap way to help with HFW and spelling words:) Do you know anywhere that I can find Scott Foresman resources for second grade? Most schools in my area use the Treasures series, but since I work at a charter school- we use the older "models" haha.

    1. I am planning on doing the 2nd grade words this summer. In the meantime, I made Candy Land games for the first 3 units & will finish unit 4 & 5 this summer.

      Just go to my TPT store & type in Scott Foresman & it will be towards the bottom.

  8. What font are you using on your HFW sticks? I absolutely LOVE that font, but have no clue what it is!! Thanks!

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