Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pinterest Linky Party

I was so psyched to see that Michelle from Math in the Middle is having a Pinterest Linky party! What a fabulous idea! Now all us teachers can be in one place & we can now stalk each other on Pinterest too! Well I have been quite the psycho pinner &  have over 1500 pins so you will definitely will want to stalk me on Pinterest. Here is how to find me. 
or click on my follow me on Pinterest button on my side bar.

I was uber excited  to see some of my stuff floating around on other pin boards! I was getting just as excited to see this as when I see my button on another blog! Here are some of my items that I have seen floating around Pinterest. 
 My warm fuzzy here to find out about it! 
My classroom jobs board. Click here to find out about this. 
I just saw one of my bulletin boards today. Click here to see & pin more. 
I saw my Apprentice organizer several times. Find out more about how I organize it here.
I've seen my arrival & dismissal signs that are posted free here. 
My bucket filler display. You can find all about how I do bucket filling in my classroom here. 
The desk fairy I have seen A LOT! Click here to get it for FREE! 

 I have seen this pinned at least 20 times. I just happened to just give one away for my 300+ follower giveaway! Stayed tuned I just surpassed 400 & will be doing another giveaway this week! Click here to find out how I use our classroom bucket. 
 I have seen my blog stalking planner too! Click here to get yours for free! 
Labels, labels, labels! Who doesn't love FREE labels?!? Click here to get your free bucket filler 2x4 labels for your student buckets!
I have seen this on font boards. I refer to this list CONSTANTLY! Click here to get yours for free! 
 I loved it when I saw my school shopping list on several boards. I think we are all obsessed with school supplies! Get it free here! 
Yes we have more FREEBIE labels. I had to look twice when I saw this being pinned. Simply use 2x4 labels & you'll be super organized! Click here to get these sassy labels for FREE! I am planning on creating more labels. Just show me tell me what labels you are looking for in my comments. 
This is a recent FREEBIE that I created that I saw pinned. Grab yours here for FREE! 
I've see my handprint calendar posted. Find out about these fabulous parent Christmas gifts here! 
I have seen my bucket filler signs quite a bit. This was one of my very first blog posts. Grab your FREE bucket filler signs here! 
There is also a TON of other bucket filler freebies! 
I was really excited when I saw this pinned. I got the cardboard folder holder for free from Office Depot & simply modge podged 12x12 tie dye scrapbook paper onto it to go with my peace theme. I am over the top OBSESSED modge podge! Did you notice the clipboards in the box??? Well, those will be giveaways for my next contest this week!
I saw my magazine holder that I made with super cute scrapbook paper that I ripped up & modge podged it on there. LOVE IT! 
Getting married? Well I did & needed some new classroom signs. I only saw this pinned once but I was still flattered. 

Happy Birthday to me chair! I am planning on getting rid of this when I finish my new b-day chair! 
FINALLY, this is what I have seen pinned the MOST! My Dr. Seuss authors chair! I am working on 2 more right now...stay tuned. If your interested in seeing some of my other DIY classroom crafts click here! 

If you are not familiar with Pinterest & just heard of it, put it on your to do list IMMEDIATELY! Pinterest is fabulous! It's basically a virtual pin board to organize all of those cutesy things you see or ideas you want to use. You simply pin it to specific boards that you create. Before you start pinning get your thoughts organized on what kind of boards you want to have. Don't just start pinning everything & not be able to find it. I have over 1500 pins! I believe you can have unlimited boards. For teaching boards you can break your boards down by month or by season. I have a classroom management board that is getting pretty full so I have to move some stuff around. I have boards for each subject + Daily 5. I have a classroom organization form & a home organization form. I hope this helps! Now after you pin all my things, follow everyone at the linky party including me, & start pinning away! It's the weekend! Get pinning before we go back to school. Well, when you aren't grading paper on your short lunch hour or break you can always download the Pinterest app & pin away as well! Happy Pinning! 
Grab Michelle's button & join us in this new craze!



  1. Mel, on your Seuss chair is that blue and green tissue paper?? I still can't figure out how you did it? Which Mod Podge did you use? Matte or Glossy?
    I'm new to Mod Podge and I'm trying to experiment. Please help!
    Oh, I follow you on Pinterest... I noticed you are one of my followers. Thanks!!

    Just 4 Teachers: Sharing Across Borders

  2. It is green & blue tissue paper. I personally dislike the glossy Mod Podge so I ALWAYS use matte. The tissue paper is difficult to work with & it took some layering to look that way. This is a time consuming project but the outcome will be enjoyed by children for years to come! I am in the process of working on two more. I am doing a new birthday chair using "Happy Birthday to Me" & a star chair using "Sneetches". My mom is working on one for me using my favorite book "Oh the Places You'll Go". Good luck girl...your kids are going to love it.
    Peace, Mel D

  3. Thanks so much for linking up to my party, Mel D!


  4. I love, love, love your Dr. Seuss author's chair. the tip in response to Debi up abovewill be helpful when I work on this project myself. Thanks for becoming a new follower on my blog also. I just reached 50 so check out my giveaway on the post before the linky party.
    Freedom in First

  5. I love your blog! Not only did I learn something new - like what Pinterest is and utterly fall in love with it - this post gave me a great opportunity to see some of the wonderful things you have done. I just love your bucket filling signs. Thanks!

  6. @Miss Ice! Thanks soooo much for the comment! I so appreciate feedback :o) I am heading over now to follow you.
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and following me!

    I am now following you!

    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders

  8. I'm sick in bed thinking about all of the things I need to do...I think I'll just pin away!
    Miss B, Busy Bee