Monday, July 25, 2011

Facebook Mixer Linky Party

Kinder Fun is have a Facebook Linky party! What a fab idea! I have almost 700 followers on my FB page & I do post daily! I post more stuff on FB than I actually blog about because it's just easier. I use my iphone a lot when I'm out & am inspired by something & will do a quick post & it automatically feeds to my twitter account as well. Go to my sidebar & follow me on FB, Twitter, Google Reader & by email if you don't already. This way you won't miss a post! Click on the button above & join in on the fun! Great way to increase your FB fans!


  1. Hi Mel. Thanks so much for stopping by, you made my day!! I am already a follower of your fabulous blog / FB & Pinterest...gosh sounds like 'stalker' when you type it out like that!! Loving all things Seusstastic. Wishing you a wonderful day:)

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