Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FREEBIE Management Tools

Not sure how to do a screen shot w/ a link yet on a PC...I tried. I made these signs last year & it really helped out in the beginning of the year. I'm guessing you know how it is the first week of go over & over & over procedures until they "get it". I usually take pics of a few students doing each step & create a slideshow for them to watch to make sure they get everything done by the bell. If you would like a copy of this sign click here. BTW, when I print this I print it 4 pages so it's poster size. 

I also created another sign for the end of the day procedures. After a few weeks of going over & over the procedures, I take down the beginning of the day & end of the day slideshow and tell them to read the sign to make sure they don't forget anything. If only that worked for all my students..if only! You can get the Before You Leave sign here

Here is a picture of the signs hanging in my classroom. I actually had them laminated at the END of the year. 
 So we all know the transition from Kindergarten (tables) to First (desks) is tough for our little ones, especially if their mothers do EVERYTHING for them! Nothing gets on my nerves more than a messy desk! So I made this desk fairy sign to help my little monsters to get organized. I give out "warm fuzzies" which I need to blog about..sorry there goes my ADD...anyway, I put a BIG warm fuzzy (which is like winning the lotto to them) on their desk if it's neat & tidy. If they don't get a BIG FUZZY they certainly do the next time! I just simply walk them back in the class & act all surprised & say "Oh my goodness boys & girls the desk fairy came for a visit". I sprinkle some glitter on the carpet leading to their desks as well. BEWARE! This causes such excitement that it's indescribable so needless to say the "desk fairy" only visits about once a week ;o)
I also have a "desk inspector" as one of my classroom jobs. On Fridays, the desk inspector gets to pick someone & they walk to each desk to make sure there are two nice & neat piles & absolutely NO LOOSE PAPERS. If their classmate gets "desk check" then they get to participate in "desk check" time which is basically an extra recess. THEY LOVE THIS & it saves me from having panic attacks when I see lose 
If you would like this sign click here.

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  1. Your link for before you leave is not working. Can you please send it to me.
    Tammy Daniels

  2. These are really cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Kincaid
    Stop by Mrs. Kincaid’s First Grade.

  3. Thanks ladies! If you left a blog link I am now following you! Commenting is a great way to market your blogs! Have a great 4th of July weekend!

    Mel D

  4. I love these. I make similar charts (but I add pictures for my kinders). Thank you for sharing!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  5. When I go to open the Desk Fairy as a PDF, the words are blurred for some reason. Is there any way you can post it again? I love this - have to have it!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. You have been such a tremendous inspiration for this old teacher ;-)