Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Stalking Linky Party

Click here to join in on the blog stalking fun over at Clutter-Free Classroom. I am very new to blogging & just created my own but I am a total blog stalker...I think I need help. So if you lose sleep at night stalking blogs like me, join the linky party & find some new ones to stalk. :o) The following are a few of my daily stalks. 

Kristin @ Ladybug's Teacher Files has a TON of useful technology tips for maintaining your blog. She even has video's!

Clutter-Free Classroom

I hope the Clutter-Free Classroom feels the love from me! I about lost my mind when she started posting ideas for themes. I swear I was ready to wake up my husband out of a dead sleep when I saw the post for the Hollywood Themed Classroom ideas!


Lastly, I obsessively stalk What the Teacher Wants Blog for free downloads and tons of management & organization tips.