Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas to us!

Did you hear about the $1 days @ Lettering Delights??? I get asked a lot about the fonts I use in my products & Lettering Delights is my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E! I am hooked on their fonts & graphics! I collected a TON of fonts last year when they had this sale. You can save between 50%-80% off! Click on the link below & buy yourself some fabulous fonts for Christmas!

9 Free Fonts

Be on the lookout for a HUGE giveaway I will be having after the holiday. The only hint I will give you is "40". You WILL NOT want to miss it! If I don't blog before the holiday I wish you a safe & happy holiday! 


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Freebie

I am so excited to be introducing my kids to the Elf on the Shelf this year! They are so extremely excited & my classroom behavior has drastically improved. We all know how wild & crazy the kids can be before break, am I right? The picture above is where "Elfie" was found yesterday. He actually filled someone's bucket! Finally, I found a reason to recognize one of my "perfect" students & it made her entire day! 
Here are some pictures of my class in action! 

Here is my students filling out the following sheet in "Work on Writing" in Daily 5. 
 The kids had such a great time filling their "list" of things they wanted out BUT struggled with the 3 reasons "why" they should get the gifts. We had a very good discussion about the season of giving & what they need to do to deserve the gifts they want. My naughty little nugget had a REALLY hard time writing why he should get COAL anything. 
Check out #2....It's supposed to say I eat with my mouth shut....LOL! I didn't even give that as an example! OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES! 

 Here is our classroom tree. I call each student up one at a time to decorate our tree. It almost throws me into a nervous breakdown when they place the ornaments right  next to each other! I am cringing as I type. I have moved ornaments in the past to make the tree look "normal" but they notice right away. I did not touch the tree....I SWEAR! 
After we got a gift wrapped package delivered from the North Pole we named our elf. His name is "Elfie". Elfie wound up in the tree that day. He had a good view of all of those naughty nuggets!

Here is Pete the Cat, Santa Bear, The Grinch, Papa Smurf & Elfie playing with the dreidel. My student teacher did a great lesson on Hanukah today & when they came back from Art the smartboard was blaring with the dreidel song & this is what was going on in our classroom library! 

This is funny. Elfie left a not so nice note for the class today. Yesterday they were completely O.B.N.O.X.I.O.U.S! Something had to be done & Elfie came to the rescue. They walked in & were dying to find out what the note said. I made them wait at least 10 minutes until lunch count, attendance & announcements were done before I read "THE NOTE". I preceded to tell them how I came home & just collapsed on the couch at 6 pm because I was so tired because of them. I also told them how very sad & disappointed I was in their behavior...I even mustered up a tear....I should have been an actress. They felt H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E! After I read "THE NOTE" I looked up at them & they were in SHOCK. They were completely different children for the majority of the day. Elfie even left two Christmas list notes behind because one wasn't finished & the other ones were just NAUGHTY LITTLE NUGGETS! Was there a full moon yesterday??? I let my favorite word "nugget" slip today on total accident. The spelling word was "by". Here is my dictation...."By the way, Elfie is watching you little.....nuggets." Totally went over their head. They thought I was referring to the chicken nuggets on the lunch menu. 

Here is where Elfie was at the end of the day....on the lunch menu. I am exploding with Elf hiding spots. Check back for pictures! 

ORNAMENT BEFORE......................

 ORNAMENT DISPLAY AFTER.........................This is my first grade team's hallway & classroom display.

Doesn't this look great?!? We do not have a "Rizzo" anymore so we are forced to come up with ideas using the copy machine. 
I included the patterns for the ornament, gingerbread house glyph, & the following elf in my TPT store for free. I also included full color pictures for you to project on your smartboard for a sample. 
Click on any pic to download the Elf on the Shelf or holiday freebies.